500,000 Registered Users Strong

March 30, 2011 - Comments

At 6Wunderkinder, we have reached a lot of milestones in the few short months since we introduced Wunderlist to the world: one million downloads, expanding Wunderlist to iPad, Android and the Web, hosting our own Wunderland startup conference – and we haven’t even unleashed the power of Wunderkit yet. But having 500,000 registered users means more to us than any other milestone so far.

Most of you know from experience that trying a new app is a time commitment. It means downloading, opening and testing something that could very well be a colossal waste of your time. More than a million of you have made that time commitment and tried Wunderlist, and that’s an impressive number. But no commitment validates an app like becoming a registered user.

Thank you

When you register with an app, it means that app passes the test. It means not only that you think it’s worth keeping, but that it’s worth using.

Because of the amount of time and creativity we have poured into Wunderlist, having 500,000 of you validate us by registering has been cause for no small amount of celebration around the office. If we had the power to create an international holiday, we would.

We won’t stop

As always, we take your commitment to us seriously. Now that we have you, we want to keep you. Tell us what you like and we’ll keep doing it. Tell us what you want and we’ll do our best to give it to you. Wunderlist is built on the belief that an app should be useful, usable and beautiful. It’s always been about what our users want, and it always will be.

And to the 500,000 of you who did more than just download Wunderlist, hold your breath, because the best is yet to come. Again, Thank you very much!

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