Three easy steps to a
stress free Thanksgiving holiday

November 26, 2013 - Comments

The holiday season is upon us and this week, we’re getting ready for Thanksgiving! If the holidays have crept up on you faster than you thought, Wunderlist is here to help. Whether you’re making the trip back home, preparing to share a feast or searching for the perfect gift, these easy steps will take the stress out of any last-minute planning.

###Cook up a storm, together
If you’ve been given the job of Master Chef for your holiday feast, but only have a couple days to prepare, start up a new Wunderlist and get a little help from your friends! No doubt everyone will be willing to chip in and cook up a dish, so invite your guests to your list and assign them which dishes they need to make.

With your friends now helping with some of the cooking and all your ingredients in your grocery list, set up a game plan for the day before and the actual gathering. Add everything you need to do, from brining and basting the turkey to when you need to set the table. Create Reminders for when each to-do needs to be done, and you’ll be set for the most stress-free Thanksgiving yet. Bring on the marshmallow yams and pumpkin pie!

###Simplify holiday travel
If your schedule is as busy as ours, packing your bags will be the last thing on your mind. Rather than wait till the very last moment before you leave, find a five minute gap in your day - like when you’re waiting for a coffee - to write out your packing list. Whip out your phone, fire up Wunderlist and you’ll be done in no time. When you get home, simply check things off as you pack them. With Wunderlist as your packing companion, you won’t have that stressful feeling that you left your phone charger plugged in the wall and not in your suitcase.

Online check-in saves you time, but who hasn’t been guilty of the dog eating your boarding pass? Before you get to the airport, you can create and track your itinerary in Wunderlist. Just attach all your important ticket and car rental documents. Oh, and if you’re travelling together, simply share the list so everyone knows when and where they need to be.

###The smarter bargain hunter
Get a head start on your holiday gift shopping this year and grab a Black Friday or Cyber Monday bargain. As you browse through the best online deals, collect them with your Add to Wunderlist browser extension. We know that keeping track of when they go on sale can be a nightmare, so take out the stress-factor out by simply adding a Reminder. When you hear the Wunderlist sleigh-bells ring, pop on your Santa hat and cross another gift off the list.

###We’re saying thanks and you can win
We’ve said it before, but we’ll happily say it again, and again - we want to thank all 6 million of you! We are so very humbled that you let us help you be more productive and are thankful to all who’ve told a friend or colleague about just how much you love Wunderlist. That’s why this holiday season we’re giving back by giving you the chance to win a whole 12 months of Wunderlist Pro and a brand new Kindle Fire HDX! To enter, all you need to do is click here and visit last week’s blog post.

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