A Little Review of 2010

January 3, 2011 - Comments

What a year! During the holidays, we had some time to look back at 2010 and to realize what we achieved so far. We just didn’t expect such a big success. We wanted 15,000 users by the end of February 2011. What we got were over 110,000 Wunderlist users in less than two months.

No, we don’t want to complain. Actually, we are pretty happy with the progress. And we are pretty happy with our users, too. Here and there we still have some technical issues reported by some people. But considering the number of users we already have, the number of support tickets is so small.

Some more numbers

To give you some idea of how well things went for us, here are some more figures from our little startup (we know you love this stuff).

We started at November 9th and at the end of the month we had over 120,000 visitors on our website and 15,000 registered users. The first important bloggers and tech sites started writing articles about us and about Wunderlist. Exactly one month later, on December the 9th, when Christian and me were attending LeWeb in Paris, our iPhone app was approved by the Apple review team and this was the beginning of all the real fun.

Until the end of December we had over 250,000 iOS downloads. On some days we had up to 20,000 downloads on the AppStore. The last week was enormous, 101,000 people downloaded Wunderlist mobile. And they seem to love it all over the world. On December the 28th 19,000 French downloaded the app.

We don’t want to be boastful, but we cannot do otherwise but dreaming of Evernote-like success (one of our great heroes), when we look at our growth rate. Even now we are just baffled with all the things that happen right now. And we think that this is just the beginning.

What happens to Wunderlist

A lot of you asked us what will happen to Wunderlist in the future. We can still tell you that Wunderlist will be evolving and that we plan to implement new features and provide Wunderlist for even more platforms. And we still want Wunderlist to stay free for every user.

But as the number of feature requests are growing we are thinking about a paid version as well. Some of you already stated that they would be willing to pay for extra features. We haven’t come to a final decision yet but if Wunderlist should improve with the current speed, we will need some money for the development because most of our resources are scheduled for the development of wunderkit.

We don’t know yet. What do you think?


No matter what we do in the future, we definitely need some help for all the things that will come up. That is why we are hiring. Do you love Wunderlist or the 6 Wunderkinder? You want to feel real(!) startup techie atmosphere? Or do you know someone that might just be the perfect match for us? Then please, please, please send us a mail to hello@6wunderkinder.com.

What are we looking for? Well, you can check our job page and see our current job offers. But actually we are just searching for everyone with some skills that can help us make better products. You can write, code, sell, speak, calculate, plan, or design? Perfect, just send us everything we need to know and we will get back to you.

And even if you don’t want to work for us, please keep providing feedback. Whether good or bad, every single comment, post, mail and tweet helps us to get even better. So, like always, thank you for your support so far.

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