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December 17, 2013 - Comments

With the new year just around the corner, now’s the time to start thinking about your 2014 resolutions. This year Wunderlist is here to help you take your resolutions beyond just a thought and make sure that 2014 is the year that you accomplish your fitness, finance and productivity goals.

We all know the drill: we start the year with good intentions, motivated and completely focused on what we want to achieve. Yet, how many of us actually keep our new year’s resolutions past January? According to a study by author and psychologist Richard Wiseman not many. His research found that 52% of resolution-makers were confident that they’d achieve their goals, yet only 12% succeeded.

###The secret to keeping your new year’s resolutions
So, what’s the secret? Wiseman’s puts their success down to taking meaningful steps to achieve their new year’s resolutions. They planned ahead, identified a single resolution, set step-by-step goals, tracked their progress and made their commitment known publicly.

###Plan ahead
Don’t wait until the new year to think about your resolution. Last minute decisions tend to be based on what is on your mind at that time. Instead, take some time now and reflect upon what you really want to achieve.

###Identify one resolution only
Once you’ve really thought about what it is you want to accomplish in 2014, it is important you narrow it down to only one resolution. Many people often make the mistake of trying to achieve too much. The chances of success are greater when people channel their energy into changing just one aspect of their behavior.

###Start small
There’s is literally nothing more daunting and demotivating than being faced with a huge task. Let’s take improving your fitness as an example, just thinking about it down makes it feel somewhat impossible. So, start by breaking it down into smaller and more tangible to-dos, like go for a jog twice a week, develop a healthy weekly menu plan, walk to work, instead of catching the bus, etc. Then set one main to-do for each week that is related to your fitness goal. All the steps are then visible from the beginning, so it’s clear the path you need to take.

###Keep track of your progress
It’s very important to know where you’re heading and to make a note of your progress on the way. Tracking your goals (complete with Due Dates and Reminders) helps to maintain momentum and can help to ward off disillusionment. Plus there is nothing more satisfying than checking off your to-dos along the way.

###Ask for support
Once you’ve set out all the steps you need to take to smash your new year’s resolution, try sharing your list with a trusted friend or loved one. Not only will you be ten times more likely to stick to your resolutions, they’ll also be able to help keep you honest, provide moral support and be there to celebrate with you, when you accomplish your goals.

###Get a little help from Wunderlist
To get you started on the right foot our team of experts have created three lists to help you accomplish your Fitness, Finance and Productivity resolutions this coming year. The three lists can be added directly into your Wunderlist with just one click on the lists below. They provide practical to-dos (along with Due Dates, Reminders and Recurring Tasks, as well as some fun facts and words of motivation along the way) on achieving your goals. So, what are you waiting for, add your list of choice to Wunderlist now!

Fitness 2014
  • Measure yourself
  • Set your goals
  • Identify your support team
  • Start your 21 day program
  • Try doing a weekly menu
  • Use small steps to make giant leaps
  • Shop for motivation
  • Review your progress
  • Don't forget to eat breakfast
  • Remove caffeine, nicotine, or alcohol
  • Reward yourself, you deserve it!
  • Sign up for a sporting event
  • Try on your "goal garment"
  • Keep it fresh
  • Lean on your friends
  • Eat in
  • Try working out together
  • Become an expert
  • Hit the refresh button
Finance 2014
  • Write down your goals
  • Start tracking your spending
  • Increase your success ten fold
  • Cut back on excess
  • Create a budget
  • Find a budget system that works for you
  • Take the first step
  • A reminder
  • Take stock and adjust
  • Set up a rewards
  • Consider a sub­-account
  • Try switching to cash
  • It’s a habit!
  • Cut the credit cards
  • Reduce your monthly builds
  • Review and take stock
  • Make adjustments
  • Become an expert
Productivity 2014
  • Write down your goals
  • Find your support team
  • Set your alarm an hour early
  • Create a daily to-do list
  • Simplify your to-dos
  • Start tracking your time
  • Identify at what time you are your most productive
  • Use your commute time
  • A rested mind is more productive
  • Stop multitasking
  • Make your space personal
  • Keep track of progress
  • Set up a rewards
  • Mix it up
  • Don't waste the time you save
  • Tackle your email
  • Lean on your support
  • Learn when to say no
  • Meet less
  • Create a stop Doing List
  • Time to take stock

To further support you in accomplishing your 2014 new year’s resolutions we will be sharing further tips and advice right here on our blog in the new year, so stay tuned! In the meantime we would love to hear what you think about the lists, so please leave a comment below. Oh, and to stay up to date with all things Wunderlist be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ or sign up to our newsletter below.

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