Wunderlist becomes much more than a To-Do List with
Add to Wunderlist

March 13, 2013 - Comments

Buckle up, because your web browser is about to get a big Wunderlist boost with Add to Wunderlist. This very clever extension for your Chrome, Firefox and Safari browser allows you to save your favorite content from all over the web to Wunderlist with just one click. To make things even easier, the extension also places an Add to Wunderlist button directly on some of your favorite websites, starting with Amazon, Asos, Ebay, Etsy, Hacker News, IMDb, Twitter, Wikipedia and Youtube, as well as the most popular web email clients, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook.com and Gmail.

Click on the button and Add to Wunderlist will clip the most important information from that page – such as links, email content, prices, descriptions or average ratings right to your list of choice. What’s more, you can completely customize the information you want to save by simply highlighting the text and hitting the Add to Wunderlist button. It’s the simplest way to remember articles and websites you want to read or visit later.

Want to learn more? Great! We’ve created a short video for you:

A productivity boost for webmail

If your inbox is overflowing with to-dos, you can now turn any email into action by sending them to Wunderlist. All you have to do is click the Add to Wunderlist button from your Outlook.com web, Gmail, or Yahoo! Mail account. Your new to-do will arrive in your Wunderlist, where you can later add a reminder, due date and subtasks, as well as share it with a colleague.

Add it to your Wishlist

If you love to shop online (who doesn’t?!), we’ve now made it even easier. With Add to Wunderlist you can keep track of all the items you want to buy in one central location, accessible from anywhere. Think of it as your Wunderlist Wishlist. It could be a new Spring outfit from Asos, the latest best seller from Amazon, something unique from Etsy to brighten up the home or a new toy for the kids from eBay – just click on Add to Wunderlist and select your wishlist. Oh, and a quick tip, to get the gifts you really want be sure to share your wishlist with your loved ones.

Who says you can’t mix work and play?

So now that we have productivity and shopping covered, what about surfing the web for interesting news or funny cat videos? We don’t know about you guys but we are always coming across cool things in the day that we don’t necessarily get to watch or read in full length - from that Youtube video that’s been doing the email rounds or the Wikipedia page of your dream travel destination and the 2013 Oscar winning films on IMDb – Or maybe it’s an interesting Tweet or story on Hacker News that’s caught your eye that you would like to save for later. Now thanks to the integration of Add to Wunderlist we’ve got you covered.

Add to wunderlist from IMDb Add to wunderlist from Youtube Add to Wunderlist from Twitter Add to Wunderlist from Etsy Add to Wunderlist from Amazon Add to Wunderlist from Asos

Let’s make Add to Wunderlist even better together

With (take a deep breath first) Outlook.com, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Amazon, eBay, Twitter, Youtube, IMDb, Asos, Etsy, Wikipedia and Hacker News checked off our list, we’ll be adding more of your favorite websites and functionality to Add to Wunderlist in the near future.

Oh, and if you want to build Add to Wunderlist into any website click here to find the code we made public for the open source community. Speaking of open sourcing code, we also want to give kudos to the folks at Buffer whose open sourced code helped us build Add to Wunderlist.

Now, with the brand new Add to Wunderlist browser extension, Wunderlist becomes the central hub for all the things you want to do, buy, read, visit, watch or share – with a lot more features coming in the future. So, let us know in the comments below what you’d like to see supported next. Happy surfing!

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