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July 7, 2011 - Comments

A lot has changed at 6Wunderkinder since we opened our doors last year. We started as 6, now we’re 25. We began with a small number of users, now we have 850,000 worldwide. We worked in a split office, now we’re united in workspace bliss.

Throw the continuing progress of Wunderkit into the mix and 6Wunderkinder fits the bill as one overly awesome place to work. We’ve even got a water fountain and a view of a graveyard. Come on, where else could you find that?!

Why work at 6Wunderkinder?

The work we do is incredibly important to us. We’re building products that help organize people’s lives everyday and we take this responsibility very seriously, even during our breaks. We approach our work in a straight forward way and flat hierarchies ensure ideas can flourish in an unrestricted environment. Sound good? We hope so. What about the perks? Well, there’s plenty.

We have a multicultural team, so expect accents from different parts of the globe. We all eat breakfast together too, chocolate spread included. You’ll get a brand new Mac and your own workspace, so you’re ready to work with cutting edge and sexy products. Still not enough for you? Ok. Ready for the icing on the cake? Your very own pair of blue slippers (our signature color). Mind officially blown, we know.

Well, guess what? We have two new management positions available. If you’ve got what it takes, we’ve got your key to the office. Come grab it!

Chief Technical Officer

  • You will be the architect of major projects and manage our frontend, backend and mobile development teams.
  • You will work closely with Chrisitian (CEO) and our investors to help push 6Wunderkinder to the next level.
  • You already live and work on the cutting edge of technology, and will utilize your expertise while realizing our next product Wunderkit.

Chief Marketing Officer

  • You will be up with the trends, working closely with nerds and ensuring our brand is consistent in quality and style across all channels of communication.
  • Your main goal is to increase the spotlight on us and develop an international presence.
  • You will also work closely with Chrisitian (CEO) and our investors to help push 6Wunderkinder to the next level.

If you fit the bill, or know anyone that does, check out our job page for more details and to apply!

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