Android, iPad and the browser. Wunderful!

February 3, 2011 - Comments

Who listens to their customers? We do! This is not your ordinary update announcement, this is dedication at its best. You wanted it all, so we will deliver. During February we will strengthen the Wunderlist product family, starting with iPad and a new iPhone version at the end of next week. Of course, every app will stay free!

During the last two months our easy-to-use task manager Wunderlist became such a great success for us. We received countless positive feedback from all over the globe. So we’ve made a decision: instead of merely treating Wunderlist as an appetizer for the upcoming working and productivity platform Wunderkit, we are now implementing additional features and bring Wunderlist to Android, the iPad and, finally, to the web browser.

The fastest-growing task manager on earth… is getting even better!

Since the launch of Wunderlist for iPhone in December 2010, countless users have asked for a native iPad app. What a nice task for us to put on top of our Wunderlist! For “Wunderlist HD” we redesigned the complete user interface to use all the advantages of the big screen. With the upcoming update every user can utilize the full feature set of Wunderlist on the iPad, including cloud synchronization, team collaboration, and list sharing.

We know, what you are thinking right now: “What’s app with Android?”. We wanted to release the Android app first, but unfortunately some complications during the development process hindered us from getting it done quickly. But don’t worry, Wunderlist for Android will be released within this month.

And now the web…

Since Wunderlist is a web-based application the new update will take the full Wunderlist experience back to the browser. The cutting-edge web app works as the new command center for every Wunderlist user, from where you can access all of your features directly.

So what’s the schedule for new the Wunderlist versions?

  • One week: iPad and new iPhone version
  • Two weeks: web interface and new desktop version
  • Three to four weeks: Android

That’s the plan, but you know it’s done when it’s done. :)

Do we grow fast? Ja, really fast.

Although the user base of Wunderlist grew extremely fast during the first month (average of 580 new users per day), the launch of the iPhone app sped up the growth rate tremendously. Today, Wunderlist gets an average of 10,000 new users per day. The amount of iPhone users is constant at about 70%.

Productivity seems to be a top issue all over the globe. As the United States is the biggest market by now, Wunderlist is successful in any and every region, from Europe (40%) to Asia (11%).

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