Android, web app and 1 million downloads. Our week of productivity.

March 11, 2011 - Comments

Holy moly! The last days were packed full of excitements for the whole 6Wunderkinder team. Not only did we release Wunderlist for Android with a big bang, but also the brand-new Wunderlist web app went online today. Another great thing for us to celebrate: over 1 million people decided to download Wunderlist for iPhone and iPad. Jaahaa!

Thank you so much for all your support and all your patience. I know I say this a lot, but I really mean it. Without having literally millions of people downloading our products and trusting in us, we simply couldn’t do these things everyday.

Productivity hits the Android Market

We finally made it! We know that you have been waiting for this news like you’ve been waiting for Episode III. And just like the movie Wunderlist for Android took some time, but it was worth the weeks of nervous nail biting.

You will get all the great features that you would expect from a Wunderlist product, like dead simple usability, pure beauty and free synchronization of your lists and tasks between all your devices. With the new email tasking feature you can even manage your tasks easily out of your email inbox and email reminders will help you to keep track of your most important tasks.

Due to some early feedback we just released our first update yesterday. It features a much smaller file size of the app and the App2SD feature. Besides, there are still some things we want to put into the app like sharing settings for your lists.

So why did we release Wunderlist HD for iPad before shipping the Android app? The answer is pretty simple: since we already had the iPhone app up and running, creating the iPad version was much easier for us. Anyway, we finally managed to release our brand-new Wunderlist mobile app for Android and hope that it will be as successful as the other apps.

Back to the web!

We are, in some ways, different from other startups. We live in Berlin and we don’t want to make a secret of it, we hired some extremely handsome team members (just kidding) and we didn’t start our product portfolio with a web app.

Actually, we didn’t start with a mobile app either. Wunderlist was first introduced for Windows and Mac. I know what you think; a web startup with a lousy desktop app? Right, that’s exactly how we started. I will explain this strategy in one of our next articles.

Whatever, we finally got back to the web. It’s the place where everything started and your tasks and lists are there anyway ;) Now go ahead and be as productive as you can be with our Wunderlist web app.

More than 1 million people love our products

Yes, it is true, we crossed the magic border this week. One million people decided to download Wunderlist for their iPhone or their iPad. If you add up all the other platforms, we now have over 1,3 million Wunderlist downloads.

So again, thanks a lot for all your love and all your feedback. We keep doing our best to fit your needs and improve our products. Stay tuned for some news about the future of Wunderlist next week.

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