It’s Almost Time...
To say hello to Wunderlist Pro

April 17, 2013 - Comments

Soon, very soon, we will be launching Wunderlist Pro, a brand new premium version of Wunderlist that is guaranteed to make working in teams, small or large, downright simple and a whole lot more productive.

Wunderlist Pro will arrive first on Mac, iPhone, iPad and the Web, followed by Android and Windows. While we are putting on the finishing touches we wanted to share with you a short behind the scenes video, that gives you a little glimpse into the making of Wunderlist Pro (hint: pay special attention to the 29 second mark — wink wink).

Wunderlist Pro is focused on collaboration and will offer you additional features to improve the way you work with others. Think of Wunderlist Pro as the colleague you always wanted. You know the one — they are super organized and never miss a deadline. They even remind you of your to-dos, without you having to ask. Yep, Wunderlist Pro is set to make your working life incredibly easy!

So, what can you expect exactly? Without going into too much detail, Wunderlist Pro will arrive with the most requested feature for using Wunderlist in teams — Assigning. You’ll be able to add accountability to your shared lists, and at a glance know what you and everyone on your team is responsible for. Managing your own to-dos will also be a breeze too, with the addition of your very own ‘Assigned to Me’ Smart List. On top of Wunderlist Pro’s powerful assigning feature, you’ll also gain unlimited subtasks as well as some all new and exclusive backgrounds.

With Wunderlist Pro we are investing all our energy in making collaboration right for everyone, no matter if you are working within a large team at the office or small one at home. We have thoroughly analyzed all your feedback to understand what makes a collaboration tool great and not just good. That’s why we’re starting with a simple yet beautiful and easy to use feature-set. Think of it as a launching pad that will let us promptly add bigger and better Wunderlist Pro features on a regular basis. Of course, we will keep the simplicity and human touch that you love, and we’ll continue to make Wunderlist fun to use.

Launching Wunderlist Pro is a huge milestone for us and the most important step we have taken as a company. Why? It is our very first product that will come with a monthly or yearly subscription fee. Wunderlist Pro can be all yours for just 4.49€ a month or 44.99€ a year. But of course, the Wunderlist you know today, will remain free, and we will continue to make both it and Wunderlist Pro even better.

So, what’s coming next? For those details you’ll have to hold tight for now until launch. Or if you want to know more now, head to our Founder and CEO, Christian Reber’s blog, where he shares some insights and gives you a further glimpse into Wunderlist’s future.

We’re more than excited to launch Wunderlist Pro, we really hope you will like it! So, please be one of the first to welcome Wunderlist Pro by subscribing to our newsletter. Now, let the countdown begin!

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