Apple’s Best of 2014
Featuring Wunderlist

December 15, 2014 - Comments

This year is ending with a bang. Wunderlist for iPhone and iPad has been selected in Apple’s highly revered Best of 2014 in more than 14 countries! We’re super excited to be hanging this medal right next to our Mac App of the Year award on the mantelpiece.

Over the past year, we’ve poured a mountain of love into Wunderlist for iPad and iPhone. With productivity-boosting features like the Today widget, Handoff and the Add to Wunderlist sharing extension, it makes us incredibly proud to be able to officially say that Wunderlist for iPad and iPhone is one of the best apps of 2014. So make sure you don’t miss out on what we have in store for Wunderlist in 2015 by signing up to our Newsletter and following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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