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Updates for Mac & Apple Watch

August 5, 2015 - Comments

Paging all Mac and Apple Watch users, your Wunderlist apps just received a very clever update. Not only will these new features have you accomplishing more in no time, you’ll also be wowed by their speed and prowess. We’re talking a faster, smarter and more intuitive way to create, review and complete your to-dos on both devices. Want to know more? Great, let’s talk details.

Quick Add - a shortcut to creating to-dos

Ok, first things first, download or update Wunderlist for Mac. Now open Wunderlist and hit CTRL+Option(Alt)+W, introducing the brand new Quick Add. Click on the ‘+’ and you can quickly add a new to-do to your list of choice, without even having to leave the app you’re in. Yes, you don’t even need Wunderlist to be your focus view for this to work.

As you work through a document you can quickly add to-dos without getting distracted. So, whether you’re browsing the web in Safari, editing photos in Photoshop or writing a document in Word, just press CTRL+Option(Alt)+W to instantly create your to-dos within Wunderlist.

Smart Due Dates - automatically create Due Dates and Reminders

Now that you are using the Quick Add to create your to-dos in Wunderlist, let’s get you set up with Smart Dates. Activate Quick Add (remember, it is CTRL+Option(Alt)+W), type in your to-do and give it some context in terms of the due date. For example, add ‘Prepare a presentation tomorrow’ or ‘Join a conference call next Monday’, and watch as a Due Date and Reminder is automatically created.

You won't just find Smart Due Dates in Quick Add though, you'll find it any time you add a to-do in the Mac app. We’re here to help you never forget a to-do again!

With creating to-dos, due dates and reminders covered, let’s magically transform Quick Add to Quick Search! Activate Quick Add (CTRL+Option (Alt)+W)–notice the magnifying glass icon right next to the ‘+’? Click on the magnifying glass, and voilà, you have activated a powerful search tool.

Quick Search lets you navigate to any one of your lists or a particular to-do. Give it a whirl, type “work” and you’ll be instantly whisked away to the corresponding list or to-do. What’s more, try these search commands: /me, /today, /tomorrow, /overdue, /starred, /incomplete or /completed, for a complete overview of your to-dos that sit within these categories.

With you now up and running on Wunderlist for Mac, let’s move on to the latest updates to arrive on Wunderlist for Apple Watch:

Quick Add for Apple Watch - create to-dos via voice

Update your Wunderlist for Apple Watch app here first. Once you open the update, you’ll see that your most requested feature - voice input - is here! With the arrival of Quick Add on Apple Watch, you can capture your to-dos on the go. Simply open the app, Force Touch, tap and say ‘Call the new clients tomorrow’.

Smart Due Dates - automatically create Due Dates and Reminders

We've redesigned our Glance to help you be even more productive throughout your day. Wunderlist will now show up to four to-dos on your agenda. And, in the left hand corner you’ll notice a circle. As you complete your to-dos for the day the circle will also complete, giving you a nice visual of how much you have left to do… or how far you’ve come! Want to see it all in action? Just play the video below.

With Quick Add, Quick Search, and Smart Due Dates, creating, reviewing and completing your to-dos on Wunderlist for Mac and Apple Watch will be a breeze. We hope you <3 the latest updates! Before we sign off, we have one small to-do for you–we’d love to hear what you think of the latest updates. Please share your feedback with us in the comments below, or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook. Until next time stay productive!

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