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5 Tips to conquer your homework

September 15, 2015 - Comments

The new school year is here! You’ve sharpened your pencils and pulled your backpack out of the depths of your closet—now it’s time to polish up those study habits of yours. Follow along as we outline 5 quick tips to help you conquer your homework with Wunderlist.

1. Get a homework planner you’ll really use

If you’re always forgetting your homework planner at home or at school, chances are it’s probably not working for you as well as it could be. Sounds like it’s time to find something that will suit your needs. If you notice that you always have your phone or computer by your side, then why not save some paper and convert from your regular homework planner to a digital one? cough, cough perhaps something like Wunderlist?

2. Divide and conquer

Biology, Algebra, European History, Geography, the list goes on... the point is you receive a lot of homework in a week, right? The easiest way to stay on top of your work is to write everything down in Wunderlist, as soon as it’s assigned, so that nothing comes as a surprise later… and we mean everything! Avoid the vague and daunting ‘Geography presentation’ – create a List for it and then break it down into smaller to-dos, such as ‘brainstorm ideas for presentation topic’, ‘research subject’, ‘make notes’, ‘create slides’, ‘rehearse presentation’.

Learning to break down big projects into smaller to-dos is a technique that not only sets you up for an organized school life, but will also benefit you way past graduation and into working life. Plus, that ‘ding’ when you complete a task is hella satisfying.

Pro Tip: Create Folders for all of your different subjects so that you can quickly see what you need to do in each subject in one quick glance.

3. Organize your time

Once you’ve written everything down, begin to add Due Dates and Reminders. Need to turn in that book report tomorrow? Set yourself a Reminder for tonight then. With our Smart Due Dates, just type ‘tonight’ in the to-do and a Due Date with Reminder will be automatically set.

If it’s a larger project that you have broken down into smaller pieces, set realistic Due Dates for each section of the project. Then open up your Today Smart List to see exactly what you have to do after school.

4. Make browsing the web work for you

Picture this: you’re doing some research for school on the web, your friend sends you a link and before you know it you’ve tumbled down a wormhole of distractions. We’ve all been there. The problem is that now you’ve lost the link to that interesting article you needed for your homework. Before distraction can take over again, get our Add to Wunderlist extension. As soon as you find something interesting, hit that Wunderlist icon in your toolbar and save it to one of your lists in a flash. Now you can go watch that video of the cat eating the watermelon, knowing you have everything under control.

5. Make it fun

You might not be able to write your essays in emoji (yet) but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring your emoji skills into the classroom. Customize your list icons by simply adding an emoji to the beginning of your list’s title. Get creative! Need some inspiration? Take a look here.

All work and no play makes Wunderlist a dull...planner. Open up those fun lists once you've completed your Homework to-dos. Need some ideas? How about "TED Talks to watch", "Bands to see", "Books to read" or even a "Treats" list full of ways to reward yourself once all of tonight’s homework to-dos have been checked off.

Got some more tips for conquering your homework? Then we want to hear from you. Let us know in the comments or get in touch over on Facebook and Twitter.

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