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3 tips for a productive first semester

August 8, 2013 - Comments

The new semester is the perfect opportunity to start being more productive! Meet Wunderlist — your simple and beautiful to-do list. It’s easy to start using, just enter all your to-do lists, add the details and start ticking them off as you go. It’s available on all your favorite devices – mobile, tablet, laptop and the web, so you won’t forget anything. Want to learn how to start the semester off right? Here are our 3 favorite tips:

#1 Buy textbooks

You will have lots of different classes and each has a specific list of textbooks you need. Some you might buy in the campus bookstore, or from fellow students, and others from Amazon. First thing’s first, create a list titled “textbooks” and jot down all the books you will need. This way you have a quick reminder that you can access from anywhere (afterall no one wants to carry a paper syllabus around).

Install the Add to Wunderlist browser extension and you can save textbooks from straight to this list for price comparisons.

Pro tip: With Wunderlist Pro on your iPhone or Android, you can snap a picture of your textbook list all from within the to-do. This image is then attached as a file saving you from having to type up each book title and author.

#2 Prepare for class

As the semester gets underway homework begins to pile up. Before you get overwhelmed create a list for each class then enter all your to-dos with due dates and reminders.

Follow each assignment with a #hashtag that reminds you it’s #homework. It’ll show up blue and when you click on it, you’ll have all your homework in one list, regardless of what list you added it to. With Smart Lists you can also have a nice overview of what’s due this week or even today.

Pro tip: Wunderlist Pro lets you create Unlimited Subtasks – perfect for those big projects. Simply enter all the steps you need to take to complete your upcoming paper. For example, let’s say you have a big thesis due. You can enter subtasks like “collect all research”, “schedule consultation with professor”, “go to library to find relevant books”, and “write first draft”.

#3 Organize group projects

Is it just us or do group projects seem to always get out of hand? There’s always confusion when it comes to knowing who is responsible for what. For your next project this coming semester, add your group to a list dedicated to your project. From there, you and your fellow group members can add separate tasks, due dates, as well as reminders to ensure your next project is completed on time. And since Wunderlist is available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows and the Web, there’ll never be a need to worry about compatibility issues.

And remember, group projects are not always about work, but also the next party or BBQ. Planning and organizing with friends in Wunderlist is a lot of fun!

Pro tip: With Wunderlist Pro you can now attach and share files of any type (photos, spreadsheets, presentation decks, PDFs and even sounds) to your group’s to-dos. Files keeps all your important documents in one safe place that is easily accessible by the entire group. You can also Assign specific tasks to individuals, avoiding any confusion as to who is responsible for each element of the project.

WIN a new start with Wunderlist Pro

With your textbooks ready, homework neatly accessible and group projects organized you’re in good shape to start the semester. Yet, we want to help you even further!

To make sure you and your classmates start the college year right we are giving away a 12 month subscription to Wunderlist Pro. All you need to do is tell us in the comments below how you use Wunderlist in school.

Then we’ll select a winner and provide you and your fellow classmates (up to 40) with Wunderlist Pro for absolutely free.

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