Big Wunderlist Update:
New Languages & Sharing Options

July 25, 2011 - Comments

People use Wunderlist all over the globe. We are delighted to see our task manager successful in certain countries so it was important to translate our mobile apps in 16 languages while the desktop app is available in 30 languages. You will now have a more consistent experience – you can to-and-fro from every device and still use your native language.

###Do you want to have Wunderlist in your native language?

You can contribute your translations through our github repositories here:

For Desktop: Click here

Each new language represents a new set of potential users. This diversity in user base represents a diversity in cultures, perspectives, ideas and ways in which people work. With these new found perspectives, it is our hope that we will receive increasingly diverse feedback from our user base. In time, these additional perspectives will help us to build you a better product, whether you are among the existing users whose language was already represented, or the new users who have been delivered a brand new set of tools to help you work.

We live in an unprecedented age where the Internet has brought us all closer together. Technology has evolved in a way that helps us all to share in the human experience in new ways. We feel strongly that, as a technology company, we should be respectful of our diverse backgrounds and celebrate the things that make us unique. At the same time, we’re all human. We all face similar struggles, tackle similar obstacles, and dream similar dreams. Whether you are a Brazilian pastry chef, a Norwegian brick layer, a Portuguese student, or an Italian entrepreneur, we want to provide you with a useful tool that will empower you to more efficiently reach your goals.

How many countries are we in?

Here at 6Wunderkinder, we’re proud of that fact that Wunderlist was named ‘App Of The Week’ in the iPhone App Store in 104 countries. In a matter of only 3 days we were able to make the front page of the Mac App Store. We are excited to be nearing 1 million users served, a number so huge that, in reality, it’s actually impossible to comprehend. But we also know that we have no intention of stopping; that 1 million is just the beginning of what we can do. We are excited to explore the global space and to find new and innovative ways to help you to realize your own potential, no matter who you are. We also realize there is a whole global market for us to explore and we hope to translate Wunderlist into more languages soon. Danke schön!

A breakdown:

iPhone: Brazilian Portuguese, Canadian French, Danish, Dutch, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Mexican Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish

Desktop: Brazilian Portuguese, Canadian French, Dutch, French, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Northern Sami, Mexican Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish

Android: Brazilian Portuguese, Canadian French, Dutch, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mexican Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish

iPad: Brazilian Portuguese, Canadian French, Dutch, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mexican, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish

Quick update!

Now you can share your tasks and lists from your iPhone via Facebook, SMS & email. This also provides an opportunity to assign tasks with your friends, family and colleagues who don’t currently have a Wunderlist account. Fire up your Wunderlist and share your tasks with someone across the globe… The way YOU want to.

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