Creation is celebration
Unboxing the Wunderkit dream

February 9, 2012 - Comments

Wunderkit. I’m sure you know a lot about it already. And that’s a good thing. But maybe you’re missing the ‘why’ behind the product we’ve been working so hard on? If that’s the case, strap on your reading glasses. I’d like to invite you behind the scenes of 6Wunderkinder, and explain to you what Wunderkit means to us.

After blood sweat and tears, we opened up Wunderkit’s doors to the public last week. But for us the concept of making this product meant much more than simply saying ‘Yay, we did it. Check it out’. We finally gave birth to our collective idea, our big vision. So what’s the vision, anyway? Well, I’m glad you asked. Let’s take a look at how we, 6Wunderkinder, view digital life, work, and online collaboration.

Welcome to the digital age…

I don’t really need to tell you how the web has become an integral part of our everyday lives. We can talk to our closest friends from the comfort of our sofas; even if they’re miles away at war. We can read about news as it happens, muse over a plethora of easily accessible information in one click, and sell whatever is in our attic for a reasonable price. The internet has bettered humanity in unexplainable ways, and will continue to do so as we try and eradicate all the bad stuff that’s left out there.

There’s also been a huge shift in getting our entire lives on the web. Our friends, our interests, our pictures, our music, our videos, our work. We’re always connected to the web, so it makes sense to always be connected to our stuff. With so much going on, it’s becoming a bit of a black art to get it all organized. Some groups, including us, are trying to make that a lot easier. And it’s working. We also like to go one step further and address one aspect that seems so fundamental when you think about all of these things floating around – and that’s sharing.

Sharing is caring. Creation is celebration

Think for a second. What do you do when you visit your favorite social networking sites? Nine times out of ten, you’re sharing. Links, photos, music. And that’s cool. 30 billion pieces of content are shared on Facebook each month. Why? People like to see what their friends are doing, reading, listening to, watching. But with all this sharing and networking, and the fact that over 2 billion people use the internet, we see something even more powerful. We see the potential of connecting people and using their collective imaginations and motivations to actually start creating things.

As a kid you probably built a tree house with your buddy, made a den out of bed sheets and sticks, or simply baked some delicious cakes to later eat with an overly-gratuitous horror movie. We see two things that made your experience, whatever it was, memberable and remarkable. One, it was fun. And two, it was with a friend. We want to recapture that moment of creation, and bring it to the web. And now’s the perfect time to do this, with so many people readily available at the click of a mouse.

What we believe in

Aside from staying in contact with those close to you and sharing what you love, we see social networks as an untapped creative resource – a goldmine of vision and innovation for the future. We just need to make it easier to get ideas and creation going between people. We can already see collaborative escapades succeeding online with things like the wonderful Github, and we can see the power of this concept with normal, everyday things too. So why don’t we start creating on a grander scale?

Another thing that we see more and more everyday, although we may not realize it, is that work isn’t limited to the office. We all have personal work to do, too. What about that family vacation? That band you want to start? That meal you want to rustle up for Valentine’s Day? Are you likely to do this stuff with your colleagues? Or your closest buddies and family members who you’ve known for years? Don’t get us wrong, work at the office is important too (and Wunderkit is more than capable of coping with that), but why not pull in the help of people other than those at the office? These small things get bigger and better with the help of those around you.

Why we believe it

We see the future of work and productivity; right down to the fact that the meanings of these words will radically change. That tree house you built as a kid? It was still work. You just didn’t feel it. And that’s how we see the future of collaboration on the web. So convenient, so personal, so fun. To quote our CTO Isaac, ‘we’re a generation of doers and makers.’ So what are we, 6Wunderkinder, doing? We’re building things that help people build things.

We simply need the help of other people to put a dent in the universe. I can’t think of anyone who is a jack of all trades, master of all. Besides, new people bring new ideas, fresh spins, further understanding. For those bringing sanitation and clean water to the most poverty stricken parts of the third world – it’s a joint effort of thousands. That’s social creation, that’s life changing. We’re all great human beings, but by working as one with others, we’re even greater.

We think our vision is something everyone can relate to. Meet with your friends online from the comfort of your couch, brainstorm, and start building the next big thing. Why do you think there was a couch on our coming soon page? We don’t need Generals behind command centers anymore, we need normal people behind their favorite devices. And that’s it. Go create.

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