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The winner of Discover Public Lists is...

November 5, 2014 - Comments

It’s time to announce the winner of #DiscoverPublicLists! Together, you’ve created more than 20,000 Public Lists and made the place to find lists of things to do, see, read, watch, make and a whole lot more. It’s been a wooly mammoth sized task to pick the winner of the iPhone 6. But after many heated debates, we finally narrowed it down to one Public List.

Put your hands together for Joe’s list of Vinyl Destinations. We loved that Joe shared his love of vinyl in a unique and international way. Oh and we couldn’t ignore that great cover photo too! Since we had so many fantastic Public Lists, we’re giving seven runners up a little something too. Check below to see if it’s you, because the next time you open up Wunderlist, you’ll see that you’ve got Wunderlist Pro for life to help keep you productive forever.

  • What better way to enjoy New York city than discovering Chris’ speakeasy haunts.

  • With the colder months upon (most of) us, why not snuggle up at home with Marcelo’s silver lined list of must-watch movies.

  • If you or someone you know is making the big leap to college, Francis has curated these handy tips to smoothen the transition.

  • Landing a job isn’t easy. Professional recruiter Jaime is here to help with 10 simple tips for your next interview.

  • Lifehacking books are a dime a dozen, but Fipo has a select list of some of the best personal development books available.

  • It’s easy to be a social-media activist. Jeff’s got a great list of how you can get your hands dirty and be a difference maker.

  • If you’re a doer and maker, be sure to add Alberto’s list on how you can make something great.

Before we sign-off, we want to thank everyone who shared their awesome Public Lists. So be sure you check them all out at

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