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A new place for us to call home

August 1, 2013 - Comments

6Wunderkinder has grown from six founders to a team of more than 40 folks from all over the world. We have outgrown three offices and it’s time again we found a new place to call home; somewhere that’s more than an office - a creative space that will evolve with us and allow our team and Wunderlist to continue to grow. Thankfully we have found just the spot! As of October you will find us at the Factory, a brand new tech campus in the heart of Berlin!

Currently a work in progress, the Factory will be completed in October 2013. Once opened it will be a beautiful space for us to work, play, and create, while providing our beloved city a unique opportunity to become a world-class tech hub. As we count down to the move let’s take you on a virtual tour and fill you in on some of the details.

The location

Located on Bernauer Strasse in Mitte, the Factory sits on the former line that divided East and West Berlin for 30 years. In fact, one side of the main Factory building was originally part of the Berlin Wall. Though with its re-birth as the Factory, Berlin will have a new space to anchor and bring the tech scene together. A place to foster knowledge sharing and ideas and give back to the community. A place that will create its own history.

The campus

Made up of seven buildings, spread out over more than 16,000 square meters, we’ll be joined by more than 500 plus new neighbors from a diverse group of start-ups. So, who are we talking exactly? Local start-ups include Soundcloud, Tech Open Air, Views, Dingdong, Urlist, Toast, Silicon Allee, Run a Shop, Refined Invest, Iconpeak, The New Motion and Total Commerce. We’ll also be neighbors with some international companies including Mozilla and Zendesk. Oh and the Factory has signed on Google and HIIG as partners.

So, as you can see it’s a diverse group, all at different stages of development and funding, leaving no doubt that it will be an exciting place to work, visit and watch. We can’t wait to exchange ideas and help each other create awesome things. Come October be sure to keep an eye out on our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to find out when you can drop in for a visit.

The party

If you find yourself in Berlin and are attending Tech Open Air (TOA) on Friday August 2nd, join us at the Factory Summer Fair from 3PM. Be sure to also stick around and join us for the TOA Closing Party afterwards at 9PM. This will be the first time the Factory officially opens its doors to the public for a true Berlin style party, featuring music by Florian Schirmacher, Wareika, and DJ Naughty (yes that is his real name). We hope to see you there and, oh if you spot anyone in a red Wunderlist t-shirts be sure to say hello!

More to come

With the final stages of construction getting closer and closer we are counting down the months, weeks and days to the move. We’re all incredibly excited about our next chapter, not just because it’s a brand new place to call home, but we’ll also be able to work, learn and create with a host of new neighbors. Allowing all of us, as a one big community, to have an impact on further growing Berlin’s tech ecosystem. Watch this space!

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