Five Time-saving Updates
For your Wunderlist

July 16, 2015 - Comments

Everyone loves a good surprise. And this week you’re bound to have a Wunderlist-shaped smile on your dial, because we’ve got a host of productivity-boosting features coming your way! From the time saving ability to duplicate your lists to Smart Due Dates that will help you get more stuff done, we’ve got something for everyone.

Introducing Smart Due Dates

It’s only natural to type your to-dos with a due date in mind. It could be that you need to ‘Submit that report tomorrow’ or ‘Email new client proposal in three days’ or ‘Reserve a table for dinner next week’. So to help capture both your to-dos and their Due Dates in a more natural way, we’re bringing you Smart Due Dates. *UPDATE* You can now get it on Android and Mac too!

In a nutshell, Smart Due Dates detect words like ‘today’, ‘Monday’, ‘next week’ etc. as you type, and then saves you time by automatically adding a Due Date to your to-do. Best of all, it’s available right now on Wunderlist for Web, Windows 7 and Wunderlist for Chrome! Smart Due Dates will be coming to your other devices too, oh, and if you use Wunderlist for iPhone, it’s already built into your Quick Add button.

Create duplicate lists & copy to-dos

This is one powerful time-saving feature that you’re bound to fall in love with. Whether you’re a teacher helping your students stay organized, managing multiple projects in the office, or making a go-to packing list for travelling, get ready for a boost to your productivity-workflow.

Available right now on Wunderlist for Web, Windows 7 and Chrome, you can duplicate a list by clicking on the Action Bar > More > Duplicate List. When it comes to copying to-dos, it’s just as easy. Simply select the ones you need and then click on Action Bar > More > Copy. Once you’re in the list where you want to add them, click the Action Bar again and then on Paste. *UPDATE* Now also available for Android.

Pro Tip: Keep your Wunderlist organized by creating a Folder called ‘Templates’ to store all your master lists in. And when if you need to do a lot of copying and pasting, try using Control + C & V.

An easier way to track your overdue to-dos

Up till now, it’s been a little too easy to let Due Dates come and go. So to help make sure you get the stuff done that you really need to, we’ve added some new nifty little overdue counters that will show up right on your list.

You’ll still see your overdue to-dos in the Today and Week Smart Lists, but the new overdue counters let you see at a glance, exactly which lists need your attention. It’s especially helpful if you’re on a mobile device where you can get a clear overview of your most pressing to-dos. Speaking of devices, it’s available now on Wunderlist for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows 7, Web and Chrome.

A smarter Android Widget

To help keep you productive from your Home Screen, we’ve given our Android widget a complete re-design. It’s now easier to switch which list is shown on the widget, see which Folder the list belongs to, and best of all, you can add a new to-do without having to open the app by tapping the built-in plus button. It’s available right now, so if you haven’t yet, click here to update now.

Restore your deleted lists

Sometimes mistakes happen and there’s nothing worse than when you accidentally delete an important list. So to go along with our new Duplicate List and Copy/Paste to-do features, we’re also making it simple and easy for you to restore your deleted lists from the last 30 days. All you need to do is visit and follow the prompts.

We’d love to hear what you think about our latest bundle of helpful updates. Just let us know in the comments below. We’ve also got even more new updates on the way to help you get more stuff done, so be sure to sign up to our Newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to make sure you don’t miss out on the latest Wunderlist news.

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