5 Wunderlist Integrations
That you may not know

July 14, 2016 - Comments

We like to think we have a lot of pretty nifty features in Wunderlist, from adding to-dos from your Android Notification bar to searching on Quick Add for Mac to duplicating Lists. But if you feel you’ve got to grips with all those and you’re ready to take your Wunderlist up a level then we’re here for you. Ever since we opened up our Public API last year, we’ve had a whole heap of great integrations that can really power up your productivity, from Slack to Outlook to Zapier. Now we’ve found 5 lesser-known third-party integrations that we think you’ll love.

1. Make your home screen more productive with Arrow Launcher

Arrow Launcher is a project from Microsoft Garage that tidies up your home screen on Android. It orders your most used apps on your phone, lets you easily find your contacts, recent photos and downloads. Now, it also shows you your to-dos for your chosen List. So if you want to be more productive download Arrow Launcher. You can start checking off your to-dos, prioritising them and adding more straight from your home screen. Created by Microsoft Garage.

2. Set your Pomodoro timer with PomoDone

Ever used a Pomodoro timer but wished it was connected to your Wunderlist? Well, wish no more. PomoDone comes with a nifty Wunderlist integration so that, when you connect your Wunderlist account to PomoDone, all your lists will show up in the app. Just choose a to-do and set your timer. Once you’ve finished it you can tick it off and it will sync with your Wunderlist. If you’ve spent the day working with the Pomodoro timer then a quick look at your Log on PomoDone will show you how long each task took to complete so you can impress your boss with the stats. Created by PomoDone.

3. Track your time on Toggl

Talking of impressing your boss—if all your work time is billable or if you have to account for your time, then Toggl may also be the tool for you. It’s a time-tracking tool that helps you report on your work and which clients and projects you’ve been spending your time on. With the Wunderlist integration you can also track your to-dos. Head here to see how to get yourself set-up. Now when you open up the Wunderlist Web App you’ll see on all your to-dos the Toggl logo to the far right. Click on the Toggl logo on the To-do you want to tackle and get working while it tracks your time (it also comes with a Pomodoro timer). Created by Toggl.

4. Add To-dos while you message with a Telegram Bot

Are you always messaging your friends on Telegram? Well, now you can quickly add To-dos straight from the app. How? Just add the @addtowunderlist bot. When an idea strikes just tap on the bot and type your to-do. You can choose which list you want to send it to using /setlist. Want to set a due date? Just type it into Telegram, e.g. Send presentation tomorrow at 9am, and it will automatically add a Due Date to your To-do. Created by Alexander Tipugin.

5. Add To-dos from your command line with Wunderline

If you’re a developer then you probably live in the Terminal. Instead of switching between programs you can add your To-dos straight from your command line thanks to Wunderline. But it’s not just about creating To-dos, you can also create Lists and search for To-dos. The coolest thing? You can add a bunch of To-dos all at once. Take a look here for more details. Made by Next.

Kudos has to go to all the developers who built these great integrations. It’s always exciting to see what you’ve built with our Public API. Have you made an integration or come across a great one? Comment below or ping us over on Twitter or Facebook.

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