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Wunderkit is now free, forever

February 15, 2012 - Comments

Following on from Valentine’s day, we’re feeling the love. At 6Wunderkinder we’re pretty lucky, we’ve got a lot of loved ones… and they’re you guys! Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been going through all the Wunderkit feedback you’ve given us. We’d like to dedicate this day to those that have been helping us along the way, this update is for you!

Many of you voiced concerns about our initial pricing plan. And for good reason. You worried that by using a free account you were not able to get involved with other people’s projects, and the fact that your friends would have to pay if they wanted to join yours. We thought about it for a little while and said ‘You know what? They’re totally right’. We, as a company, do not want to limit social creation. And with that, I’m happy to announce that we’re not putting a price on collaboration. It should be free for all. Period. So as of today Wunderkit is, and always will be, completely free for everybody on the planet.

A pricing plan that’s right for everyone

Everything that you have right now, from the built in apps to the amount of workspaces and members you have in each, will cost you nothing. You’ll be able to create an infinite amount of workspaces, invite an infinite amount of people to them, and have an infinite amount of fun in the process. For all those teachers wanting to get their students involved with class projects, for all those small businesses, for all those musicians… Wunderkit will let you collaborate in a completely limitless way, free of charge for life.

However, we are a company. We do want, and need, to make some money. So how will we do it? You see, Wunderkit is a platform – it will expand in the future. We’ll do this by implementing new built-in apps. Free users will be able to use future built-in apps, but pro users will get the best experience when these new apps arrive. As an example, when our upcoming ‘Files’ app is released, pro users will have a lot more storage capacity compared to free users. The price is still a very reasonable $4.99/month, and to take a look at the other benefits of a pro account head over to our pricing page. A pro account is for any of the heavy users out there, wanting that little bit extra.

In the words of D:Ream…

… things can only get better. Why? We have the best team on the planet, and you’re all a part of it. We appreciate every email, tweet and Facebook post we get, because you help mold our product into something even greater. We think our new pricing plan is one that puts you first, and that’s the way we always want it to be. We sure hope we’ve delivered. From all of us here at 6Wunderkinder HQ, have a great day… and be sure to leave a comment! If you’re a fan of the new pricing, you can always ‘Like’ this post below :)

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