Good news! Further updates to Wunderlist for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

July 5, 2011 - Comments

Hello Friends! We recently posted a survey on our website and received amazing feedback from many of you! Cheers for taking the time in helping us better understand your needs and general outlook on Wunderlist.

Over the past month our developers have been busy creating our next product Wunderkit as well as resolving big and small issues for our users. So what’s new on Wunderlist for iPhone/iPod Touch 1.2.2 and iPad 1.1.0? A plethora of things! For an overview of the updates, checkout the changelogs on our Tumblr page! Too lazy? We’ll give you a few biggies. Push is more reliable, and we’ve fixed the bug that caused missing items under filter views!

In case you missed it, we also updated our Android app. The update focused on speed, stability, and also added support for every Android device (even those with low resolution displays). From what we’ve heard, you guys love it. Once again, please checkout our Tumblr post for the Android changelog.

Guess what? Desktop version 1.2.2 will be available in the coming weeks too. Small bug fixes and improvements have been made in order to bring you a better user experience. Thanks for all of your great feedback through our online survey and the ‘Your Wunderlist Story’ competition.

Wait… what? A Tumblr page?!

That’s right. Head over to our Tumblr page for tips, tricks, photos and everything in between. Did you know you can drag and drop tasks on filters to assign due dates? You do now. How about attaching file paths to notes? Stop me if I’m blowing your mind. If you want sweet tips, head over. You’ll also find general Wunderlist news and information on important updates to every platform.

Introducing Assistly

In the coming days Assistly, our new support forum, will go live! It will provide a more detailed knowledge base and serve as your one stop shop for help and info on Wunderlist. Expect faster support, an easier time searching for existing queries, and also help from our community!

Once again, thanks for all of your suggestions! The information you have provided is already feeding into our future product development. We hope that Wunderlist will continue to assist you in staying productive one task at a time…

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