How to Launch Your Own Startup Part 3
A series by our CEO, Christian Reber

August 12, 2013 - Comments

Today it is time for part 3 of 6Wunderkinder Founder and CEO, Christian Reber’s, fortnightly blog series on “How to Launch Your Own Startup”. To date he has delivered 6 simple steps to start your own tech business, including:

Steps 1—3 - Dream Big and Start Small, Work to Learn, Not Earn, and Join the Community.

Steps 4—6 - Find the Right Location, Identify Good and Bad Ideas Early, Understand Trends and Markets.

With these steps Christian has primarily talked about how to find your way into an entrepreneurial environment, and how to identify a good idea and start really simple. Today, he progresses to the next stage, starting your own business with purpose and style. Christian discusses the different ways to start a business, and more importantly the motivation. So, head on over to his blog to read steps 7-9:

  1. Think Like An Athlete – Define Your Mission
  2. Prepare to Fail, 95% Do
  3. Find the Right Co-founders and Advisors

Interested in learning more? Tune into Christian’s blog, where he’ll be sharing further insights on a fortnightly basis and make sure you follow him on Twitter or subscribe via RSS.

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