How to Launch Your Own Startup
A series by our CEO, Christian Reber

July 15, 2013 - Comments

Our CEO Christian Reber receives a lot of questions from aspiring entrepreneurs. How did he start a company at the age of 24? What were the challenges and consequent learnings? And, above all, how exactly did he go from simply having a dream to actually running a company of 40?

As someone who is continuously learning, Christian has condensed his insights into a series of 15 lessons for those who want to be a CEO. Over the the coming weeks, he'll be posting lessons on his blog, starting today with Dream Big and Start Small, Work to Learn, Not Earn, and Join the Community.

In his first startup lesson, Christian dives into the importance of taking the time to learn and discover what you’re passionate about:

Don’t believe the myth of the college dropout who becomes a disruptive entrepreneur. Building a company, leading a team and sustaining a highly successful international business is hard work and requires a lot of knowledge.

If you find that design, engineering, marketing or business motivates you, acquire skills in that area. This is important since your talent will define the direction of your future startup. At 6Wunderkinder, our team has an entrepreneurial spirit in common. What really makes the group special though is that each person is a Wunderkind, a master of something.

The university you choose is also a great place to find the future co-founder/s of your company. At least, that’s how it worked out for Christian. Interested in learning more? Tune into Christian’s blog and make sure you follow him on Twitter or subscribe via RSS.

If you have specific questions, please ask away in the comments below. It’s very possible your curiosity could trigger another lesson in this series. We hope you enjoy reading and take away some useful insights. Above all, being a team of doers ourselves, we want to encourage all of you to go out and create those things you want to exist!

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