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Your insider’s guide to Wunderlist

June 13, 2013 - Comments

The Marketing team at 6Wunderkinder is a small one. Like many of you, we have limited resources and a whole lot to get done. After all, Wunderlist has more than 4.4 million users and there’s only six of us. So, today we’re going inside our Berlin headquarters to share some of the ways we use Wunderlist to stay on top of projects like these very blog posts.

Q: What’s the team like?

A: We’re two Aussies, a pair of Germans and an American duo. While we all have our own work styles, we find common ground in the way we use Wunderlist to remember deadlines and keep track of long-term projects.

We’re united in our love for communications... and good coffee (if you have a Berlin favorite, let’s talk). More importantly, we all test Wunderlist daily to organize team to-dos and dream up ways of making it even better.

Q: So, what do you guys actually do?

A: We’re the ones talking to press, drawing up pretty visuals, reigning in social media, making friendly how-to videos and the list goes on. Since the ratio of us to Wunderlist users is roughly 1:600,000 we don’t have any room for missed deadlines or team miscommunication.

Wunderlist tracks all of our due dates so we don’t have to depend on our not-so-great memory. Also, having everything in Wunderlist and available across all our devices keeps our desks free from post-it clutter.

Q: How can teams use Wunderlist at work?

A: Start by creating shared lists with your teammates. We have a few like “[6W] Blog Ideas” where we all enter potential ideas for blog posts as they come to mind. This way if one of us wants to write about using Wunderlist to plan weddings (coming soon!) we can add it to the list before we forget. This lets us share all of our ideas without having to randomly interrupt each other in the middle of something else.

Another shared list we have is “[6W] Blog Schedule” where we keep a roster of all the upcoming blog posts with launch dates and the person responsible for each one. Having all of our deadlines easily accessible in one place helps us stay on the same page even while working on different aspects like copy, visuals, and social media. It’s also reassuring to know that the team is instantly notified, through their preferred channel, whenever we cross off a to-do.

Q: What’s your favorite feature?

A: The ability to Assign tasks in Wunderlist Pro is pretty awesome/necessary. We have a team meeting every Monday to chat about our priorities for the days ahead. We take turns taking notes on Wunderlist and Assigning each person their to-dos so they won’t forget.

This eliminates the hassle of jotting notes on paper only to lose them later. This also gets rid of the dreaded notetaker role where one person has to send an email summary with next steps to the team. Instead, if Simon, for example, has to create new material for our next product update, we can just add that as a to-do on a shared list and Assign it to him.

Q: How do you coordinate between all the teammates?

A: The Activity Center is simple and yet incredibly useful. It helps us all keep up-to-date on team progress toward common goals without having to constantly nag each other for updates. Instead, we can learn of actions taken on shared lists via push notifications on mobile, emails or the little bell icon on the app.

For example, when our Copywriter is done drafting the outline for a blog post and crosses it off our shared list, our Art Director will get a notification so he knows to review and start thinking of corresponding visuals.

Q: What has been an added benefit of using Wunderlist at work?

We’ve instantly noticed our email inboxes are more manageable. Now, instead of having to email ideas for a campaign back and forth, we can just add them to a “[6W] Marketing Ideas” list.

There you have it. Our Marketing team is all about using Wunderlist to bring transparency and accountability to team collaboration. Hopefully, the tips provided will get you started on a more efficient day. Curious to learn about a specific team at 6Wunderkinder or have ideas for a really good blog post? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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