Wunderlist HD for iPad

February 23, 2011 - Comments

The Wunderlist family is getting bigger! To all our users who have waited past the due date for Wunderlist to make its way out of the womb and onto the big screen, the wait is finally over. Wunderlist HD is here, and it’s doing a lot more than just looking cute.

The iPhone version always wanted a younger brother; It’s going to be jealous. So why the short delay? Well, we wanted to do more than just crank Wunderlist up to a higher resolution. After the success of Wunderlist for iPhone and desktops, and all of the feedback and suggestions from our users, we really wanted to deliver. Was it worth the wait? Um, ja.

What it Inherited

Wunderlist HD brings you all the family features that made Wunderlist an international hit: intuitive usability, interchangeable backgrounds, and the family looks (sometimes it pays to look like your relatives). Our goal with every version of Wunderlist is to create the best user experience from any task management application on the planet. The features you have come to expect, like cloud syncing across every Wunderlist device and the fact that it is still absolutely free, make us that much closer to achieving our goal.

What’s new to the family

In addition to being designed specifically for the iPad, Wunderlist HD also introduces a host of new features to every member of the Wunderlist family:

List Sharing It was so popular in the desktop versions, and even in its limited form on iPhone, that we made it so you can now manage and share your lists from every device. It’s a small addition with a very big impact.

Email Tasking Just in case you don’t have time to open the Wunderlist app when a task comes down the email pipeline, we made it so you can add tasks straight from your inbox. Just fire an email to with the following format and we’ll do the rest.

Formatting your emailed task is a cinch. Place the name of the desired list – new or existing – into the subject line. Leave it blank and we’ll just drop it in your Wunderlist inbox. Place the task in the body of the email. Hit ‘enter’ between tasks to create more than one task at a time. Hit ‘enter’ more than once in a row and we’ll ignore the rest of the email (signature lines, etc.). To star a task – and we put a lot of thought into this one – place a star (*) in front of it.

Task Notifications These notifications arrive in a limited release for iPhone and iPad, but we’re working on getting them out to every platform.

Push Notifications You choose a date and time, we push the notification to your device. A lot of you were holding your breath for this one.

Email Reminders Also fully customizable with date and time. It’s never been easier to keep yourself on task. Sorry about that.

A New Wunderlist Icon

Apparently many of you thought our icon indicated we should also be selling washing machines. If it weren’t for the necessary warehouse space and laundry fetish, we might have given it a go. Instead, we’re revamping the icon.

The new one now mirrors the app itself, complete with familiar red star (after all this one is important) and polished wooden background. It’s been re-sized for every use of the icon, so it will be populating to your device as soon as we release each update. A big thanks goes out to Arek Kajda for the iconic design.

iPhone updates

For the 800,000 users who got us off the ground by using Wunderlist for iPhone, we have a few tasty additions as well. In addition to giving you the features we introduced for all Wunderlist apps, the iPhone version also now offers:

  • Landscape Orientation Support
  • Language Improvements (English & German)
  • 3 New Backgrounds
  • Various Bug Fixes

What’s next for Wunderlist

Everyone wants to know when Wunderlist will be making its way onto other platforms. If the release date for Wunderlist HD taught us anything, it was that release dates are PR suicide. When we need more time, it forces us to choose between pushing out products that are buggy or poor in features (which we refuse to do), or we have to make some of you unhappy by extending a deadline (which we hate to do). The reality is that with the constant ebb and flow of ideas from our developers and users, we sometimes get an idea that’s worth pushing back a release date to include it. That said, some of you are bound to ask, so we offer you this purposefully unspecific release schedule in response:

  • Android (soon)
  • Web App (soon after Android)
  • Desktop Update (soon after the Web App)

There are those who might think being intentionally vague about a product release schedule is downright evil and self-serving. It is. But it gives us the freedom to exceed your expectations, so maybe it’s not so evil after all. Either way, we’re back to work. Keep the ideas coming and the expectations high, and we’ll do the same.

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