It’s Finally Here:
Wunderlist for iPhone

December 9, 2010 - Comments

After the huge success of the Desktop App we are excited to tell you that Wunderlist is finally coming to your iPhone! You can download it from Apple’s Appstore right now as we speak.

Over 55.000 downloads in four weeks, 18.000 registered Wunderlist users and a whole lot of positive blog posts, videos and articles about us is more than a good reason to thank all of you! You downloaded our tool, you shared our link, you invited your friends and you gave us so many great comments and feedback that we are just enchanted by your love :)

Our christmas present for this year

We want to give some of this love back and make you an early Christmas present: The brand new Wunderlist iPhone app. Now you can use Wunderlist on the go to add and edit tasks, see overdue tasks via app badges and even change your background. You can sync all your tasks over-the-air with your Mac or Windows client.

You see, everything you love from the Wunderlist desktop app comes now to your iOS device. Even the price. Wunderlist stays completely free for every user! Merry Christmas ;)

What’s next?

We hear your voices and we work everyday to improve Wunderlist. But unfortunately we have limited resources and most of us are working on wunderkit, our big project for next year. That’s why we cannot implement all the nice features you would like to have. Furthermore we want to keep Wunderlist small and simple. But don’t worry, we are working on new things.

For us, the most important improvement will be a Wunderlist version for all Android smartphones. We are planning to release it in early 2011, but we cannot guarantee any specific date.

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