Mail to Wunderlist
Easily create to-dos from your email inbox

March 6, 2013 - Comments

Whether you’re an Inbox zero guru or just looking for a better way to stay organized, keeping your inbox tidy just got a whole lot easier with the arrival of Mail to Wunderlist. Whenever you get an email that’s more to-do than correspondence or something that you want to read later, you can now send it straight to Wunderlist.

Formerly known as Mail2Task, it’s now back, just with a name change and some nice new improvements. To welcome this handy feature back we have even created a quick video overview, just for you. We hope you like it!

Time to get the lowdown. Mail to Wunderlist works from the email address connected to your Wunderlist account (which you can change in the app settings). To get started, simply forward the email to and we’ll turn it into a to-do.

  • The subject of the email becomes the task name
  • The body of the email is attached as a note
  • All to-dos will arrive in your Wunderlist Inbox, ready for you to take action

We really hope you love the new Mail to Wunderlist and use it to manage your inbox. We’ll also be updating it in the future to be even more helpful. Speaking of updates, be sure to keep an eye out, as soon we’ll be bringing you new Browser Extensions – including an even bigger boost to help with decluttering your email inbox.

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