Meet Duncan Davidson
Photographer, author and software engineer

January 29, 2014 - Comments

It’s time to go behind the scenes of Wunderlist and meet some of our newest recruits. Last week we welcomed VP of Business and Corporate Development, James Murdock. Today, it’s time to welcome software engineer, author and photographer, Duncan Davidson, to the 6Wunderkinder family. So let's introduce you to the latest addition to our Sync team, and fill you in on what he'll be creating for our next major update.

Duncan started his career in the mid 1990’s during the internet’s infancy. In fact, if you’ve ever made a reservation for a hotel online — Duncan was one of the first to make it happen, helping to create Hilton Hotel’s first real time booking system.

Later, when he joined Sun Microsystems, Duncan started out working on Java Web Server. He also formally implemented the now open-sourced Tomcat (also known as the Java Servlet Web Development Kit). Not wanting to stop there, Duncan created Ant, one of the most popular Java programming tools. To put it simply for those of us who don’t program with Java: Duncan’s work sits behind many of our favorite websites.

Where does his passion to create software come from? Duncan views technology as a tool that lets us do things we could normally never do. He believes that technology has the potential to positively change the lives of millions. It’s the power of amplification that draws Duncan to create software solutions. A key part of that philosophy has been to share his knowledge. Duncan’s authored numerous books about writing and using software, like Learning Cocoa with Objective-C, Mac OS Panther Hacks and contributing to Agile Web Development with Rails.

Duncan’s other passion is photography. For as long as he can remember he’s always had a camera nearby. As a TED Photographer, Duncan has travelled all around the world. If you’d like to see more of his work, head on over to his website here.

After years of working as a consultant, author and photographer Duncan’s decision to join us in Berlin was a simple one. He wanted to join a team that creates solutions for larger, more complex problems. As a Wunderkind, Duncan will be our Cross Platform Engineer. He’ll work with each of our Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Web teams, making sure that the path between Wunderlist 3’s upcoming real time sync and the app that you hold in your hand will be as simple, direct and fast as possible.

So, how does Duncan stay on top of his to-dos? By embracing Wunderlist’s simplicity. He recommends that rather than trying micro-manage everything you need to do, you should try to list out simple steps for a new project, either in a new list or using Subtasks. This way you can quickly get your thoughts organized and spend more time doing what you need to get done.

We’re very excited to be welcoming Duncan to our family. And in the coming weeks we’ll be introducing you to even more of our newest recruits. Make sure you don’t miss out on more behind the scenes stories by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ or sign up to our newsletter below.

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