Meet Joakim Keussen
Brand & Product Designer

February 19, 2014 - Comments

We’ve been taking you behind the scenes of Wunderlist, introducing you to our newest recruits. So far, you’ve met Product Designer Thomas Bogner, Cross Platform Engineer Duncan Davidson and VP of Business and Corporate Development James Murdock. This week, we’re saying hi to Joakim Keussen, Brand and Product Designer. Coming to you from Sweden via San Francisco, Joakim is here to make your Wunderlist even simpler.

In just a few years, we’ve all become accustomed to having a world of convenience in our pocket. As ubiquitous as Smartphones have become, it’s easy to forget what it was like when you first used one. Joakim was instantly enthralled when he first picked up his iPhone 3G by its ability to make life easier.

Joakim started out by designing websites for clients while he was still in high school. Creating and simplifying was something that he loved and wanted to keep doing. So after spotting that Hyper Island—a university specializing in digital media—was offering a new course of Mobile Applications, Joakim jumped at the chance to mix his web design skills and passion for mobile.

###From Stockholm to San Francisco
After a year at Hyper Island, Joakim was searching for a place to do an internship. He grabbed the attention of the folks at Airbnb via Twitter, and they invited him to to join them in San Francisco. The internship was a great experience for Joakim. He got to grow as a designer and take advantage of the perks of living in an established tech-hub. During his year abroad Joakim became a fan of using Square at stores, cafes and restaurants. Inspired by their mission to change the payment industry and their engaging brand experience, he joined their Marketing and Communications team after finishing his degree at Hyper Island.

Tracking movies to watch, groceries and personal to-dos is how Joakim started using Wunderlist back in 2012. At Square, he continued to grow as a designer and began taking on projects of his own. He turned to Wunderlist to help him manage the projects and all the feedback that comes with working in a design team. His Wunderlist tip is to take advantage of all that the Detail view has to offer. Whether it be breaking down larger to-dos into Subtasks, setting Reminders or adding Notes – which all proved super helpful for when Joakim was searching for his new Berlin apartment.

###What’s to Come
So what will Joakim be creating for Wunderlist? With his experience and talents, he’ll be helping us mix and balance the Wunderlist brand and product experience, into one consistent flow. For Joakim, it’s all about turning the device in your pocket into a friend that will help you to get more done.

In the coming months, you’ll be seeing Joakim’s work both on and in our next major update. Speaking of updates, if you’ve entered our Study With Wunderlist competition, we’re currently going through all 1000 entries and will be announcing the 14 winners tomorrow right here on our blog.

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