Meet Thomas Bogner
Designer & Animator

February 6, 2014 - Comments

The last couple of weeks we’ve been taking you behind the scenes of Wunderlist to meet some of our newest recruits. You’ve already met Cross Platform Engineer, Duncan Davidson and VP of Business & Corporate Development James Murdock. This week, we’re sitting down with Thomas Bogner, the latest addition to our Product Design team. If the name rings a bell, you’ve probably seen his iWatch concept in the news. So, come say hi and find out how he’ll be making your Wunderlist dance.

With a self-described introspective personality, it may come as an odd surprise that entertaining people is Thomas’ passion. He just prefers to do it from behind the scenes. As a student of Engineering, Thomas began creating websites, videos and animations to help pay the rent. But it just wasn’t quite what he really wanted to do. That is, until a day when a watershed moment set Thomas onto the User Experience Design path.

Typing the wrong password is something we’ve all done countless times. Normally we just try again. But Thomas didn’t. He was using an app that made a subtle sideways movement of the password text field. So, he intentionally typed a wrong password again. Thomas saw that the small animation looked just like someone was shaking their head, saying “no”. It made the experience more human. From that point onwards he’s been obsessed with technology and how we interact with it.

It’s this obsession that led Thomas to create his concept for an iWatch. Although in love with the physical design of the Nike Fuelband - a wearable armband to help track fitness - Thomas felt that it needed more. It wasn’t just the Fuelband, it was also the smart watches that were available on the market too. Thomas believes that if we’re going to start wearing technology, it needs to do more than just display information. We should be able to use and interact with it. The result was the iWatch concept below. In fact, it’s what brought Thomas to our attention.

Now that you know a little more about Thomas, let’s find out how he’ll be making your Wunderlist move. As we work on our next major update, we’ve been refreshing the look and feel of Wunderlist. But rather than just remove textures and shadows for the sake of fitting in, we’ve been taking the time to make sure that Wunderlist keeps its character and the human touch you love. Without shadows and real-life metaphors to tell you that you’ve pushed a button, Thomas and the Product Design team believe that interfaces are in danger of becoming boring and difficult to understand. By adding animations to Wunderlist 3’s interface, it’ll keep it easy to use and add more of a human touch. Oh, and if you happen to tap a button more often than you have, just because it’s entertaining, you’ll be putting a smile on Thomas’ dial.

As one of the first apps Thomas downloaded to his smartphone, he’s been a Wunderlist fan from the beginning. So what’s his Wunderlist tip? Having used Wunderlist to help him study at university and manage his freelance work, Thomas’ tip is a little different from what you might expect: Take a break out of your normal daily routine and surprise your significant other. Start by creating a list called “Thinking of...”, share it with them, create a to-do called “You” and check it off. He admits it’s a little corny, but he’s a romantic at heart.

As the latest addition to our family, we’re super excited to have Thomas on board. We can’t wait to share his unique perspective on User Experience Design with you in our next major update. Make sure you don’t miss out on more behind the scenes stories in the coming weeks by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ or sign up to our newsletter below.

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