New in Microsoft To-Do: List Sharing and Steps

June 7, 2018 - Comments

We want to keep you updated on the important improvements we’ve been making to Microsoft To-Do. Thanks to your feedback we’ve recently added two of the most requested features: List Sharing and Steps.

Easy and flexible collaboration

Because we want Microsoft To-Do to work the way you do, we’ve added the ability to share lists via link. With the new list sharing link you can share with your team, family and friends via email, SMS or app of your choice.

From sharing a list with your BFF to organizing a list with your teammates at work, it’s easy to collaborate on the go with List Sharing. Just create the list sharing link and send it wherever your collaborators are, whether that’s in a messenger app, email or a digital workspace. Once you’ve gotten it done – together – you’re free to stop sharing and turn off the share link, remaining in control of your list.

Big achievements, one step at a time

We’ve also added Steps, so that any to-do can be broken down in to smaller pieces. No matter how monumental your to-do may be, you can tackle it easily, step by step.

As you complete each Step of your goal, we’ll help keep track of your progress. Beneath your to-do’s name we’ll show you just how many Steps it contains and how many you’ve completed so far. You’ll always be able to see exactly how far you’ve come directly from your list. The number of Steps left to reach your goal is always visible, helping keep you on track, accountable and in control.

Microsoft To-Do works the way you do - on the go, across devices, collaboratively and step by step. But we aren’t done with the journey. We hope you’ll give Microsoft To-Do a try and let us know where you’d like to see us go next.

Ready to try Microsoft To-Do? Just click below to get your hands on the app.

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