New Kids on the 6Wunderkinder Block

May 13, 2011 - Comments

Meet the original six Wunderkinder and their new brothers and sisters. We love having breakfast, playing Hacky Sack and take long walks on the beach together. (Ok the last bit was a lie). But we do have a rockin’ time at the office and we’re always happy to expand our team. The new guys add a lot of character to our family. Michael likes to walk around shouting ‘rødgrød med fløde’, Marcus keeps an Eagle Eye on the Angry Birds, Eric likes to treat his coworkers to french fries and Sebastian does a great job of managing his code-monkeys. Welcome to the jungle.

Wanna meet our Hacky-Sac lovin’ team? Visit our new About Page.

In case you missed the Memo... The new Desktop version is ready!

As mentioned on Wednesday, we are delighted to introduce the new and improved Desktop app version 1.2.0. Please download the new version here

“Big thanks to 6Wunderkinder for today’s new Mac desktop version of Wunderlist. Really enjoying the enhancements

  • Dan Crask

“Wunderlist makes me want to touch and graze my hand over it again and again. It’s like walking into an Apple store and hugging a 27″ iMac without being told to pay for it” – Stephanie Gonzaga

Thank you for the great response. We received hundreds of Tweets, Facebook and blog comments over the week! If you’d like to recognize our hard work please nominate us for the ‘Brilliant Newcomer Award’ in the .NET Magazine 2011 Awards.

Submit some kind words about our work and maybe we can earn this prestigious title! Nominations close 15/07.

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