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November 8, 2010 - Comments

Since we launched Wunderlist just one week ago the feedback has been great and most people seem to love the simplicity of our free task managment tool. However, we’ve got lots of responses, suggestions, feature requests and questions from all around the globe.

Note: To benefit from the new features, please uninstall Wunderlist, download the new version from the and install it again. By the way, this tedious process will get fixed soon.

We are still fixing some bugs and developing the iPhone App and barely find the time to implement new features. Nevertheless we’ve managed to integrate some cool little things that have been requested often. What these features are and how you can benefit from them, that’s what this post is all about. Also we are going to look a little bit under the hood of Wunderlist and the technology it runs on. Let’s see what you, our users, brought up :)

What’s new?

“I have this paper looking background that I’d love to put in there, is there a way to integrate it into Wunderlist?”

Well, you can, but at the moment there is only a workaround. You can replace the background images in your Wunderlist install folder. So now you can have that hot bikini girl, the cute little kittie of yours or an image of death star in the background. It even works with paper looking backgrounds ;) Here is how it works:

Just navigate to the Wunderlist backgrounds folder on your harddisk.

On Windows this is usually something like: C:\Program Files\Wunderlist\Resources\backgrounds

On Mac the path should be something like: Programs\\Contents\Resources\backgrounds

There you’ll see all the background images we are using. You can overwrite any image with your own background image, just make sure it has the same name and .jpg file format. Wunderlist will then use your image instead. The best Resolution for background images is 1920x1080px unless you want to use it in fullscreen mode on a display with higher resolution.

“I really want to use Wunderlist in my own language, can I help translate it?”

We received so many offers from people that want to help translate the language files into all kind off different languages like Polish, Greek, Italian and Hungarian. One user even finished the spanish translation already. We really appreciate your help and uploaded the language files to github. Now you can start translating Wunderlist into your language. But how the heck do you go about it? It’s easy:

Just go to our github repository and download the files. You can edit the language files in your favorite text editor and submit them through github or just send them to us via our support tool.

“What’s up with the US date format? I live in the UK and feel kinda irritated by that! How do I change it?”

When we published Wunderlist, this small but surely annoying problem didn’t even cross our mind. But you told us and now we know better and fixed it. Changing the date format is now just a few clicks away:

Language > Date Format > Choose an option > Save changes

“What is the license under which Wunderlist is published, can I download the source?”

Yes you can! Wunderlist is open source and published under the Apache License :) As mentioned before we’ve uploaded the whole project to github. There you can download every bit and byte of Wunderlist.

The technology behind Wunderlist

Some people have been wondering about the underlying technology of Wunderlist. Is it Apples Cocoa, Adobe Air or, God help, even Flash??? The truth is, it’s none of the above. In fact we’ve developed Wunderlist with Javascript and PHP. How does that work you might ask, it’s installed locally on your harddisk and does not require to setup a webserver. So how did we do it then? The answer is appcelerator’s Titanium.

Titanium is a framework for native platform independent applications built by appcelerator. It enables us to write the application in Web languages like Javascript and PHP and publish it for different operating systems without writing one line of Cocoa, C++ or Java. Titanium does all the compilation and squeezes out a neat little install file for your operating system. Sounds easy huh? It’s actually not as trivial as it sounds, but still a lot easier than all the other options.

Why does the damn thing download more files during installation?

We’ve got some concerned questions about that. Some users already smelled some nasty Adware, Spyware or worse. No worries, it’s none of that. Wunderlist comes with two installation files you can choose from:

The Network Version The network version for Wunderlist only contains the Wunderlist app itself and downloads the Titanium runtime upon installation from the appcelerator servers. This means a smaller initial download size of just 5MB. This is the default installation type when you download Wunderlist from our site when you click the big download button.

The Bundled Version The bundled version has a bigger initial file size of around 25MB. It contains all files required to install Wunderlist and needs no internet connection during installation. That also means that unusual problems with appcelerator Servers can not interrupt your installation since the framework runtime is already included in your bundled Wunderlist Version. If you prefer this version, you can download it by clicking on the text link right beneath the big download button which says ‘our bundled version’.

Final words

We hope that you found this post useful and are looking forward to your comments and the things you will do with the new features. Enjoy the new Wunderlist and meet us on twitter, facebook and for bug reports reports and request in our support area.

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