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October 22, 2013 - Comments

Halloween season is upon us! It’s time once again for all the little superheroes and ghosts to hit the streets going door-to-door for candy. It’s also the perfect time to host a spooky Halloween party. Whether you’re a couple of ghosts planning a haunted house themed party or a few zombies organizing a monster bash, Wunderlist is here to help make preparing your Halloween fun a breeze.

###1. Simplify costume planning
Halloween is a great time to let your inner superhero shine. Unfortunately, with so many pieces to bring together, putting together that perfect Justice League-worthy costume can be a tough order. That’s where Wunderlist comes in. Create a list dedicated to your costume and list out everything you need. And don’t forget the tights!

Pro Tip: You can even use the Add to Wunderlist browser extension to add links to the pieces of the costume puzzle right from your browser. Let’s say you find the perfect cape on Amazon. Add it right to your list in one-click through the Add to Wunderlist extension. From here, you’ll be able to share your costume bits and pieces with friends for feedback as well as compare and evaluate your favorite shopping sites for the best price in town.

###2. Remember the party essentials
Let’s face it, planning a party is nowhere near as easy or fun as the party itself. With Wunderlist, preparing for the big Halloween get-together will be a piece of gummy worm topped cake. Plus, this means you’ll have much more time to practice your Thriller dance moves!

For starters, create a list and share it with everyone you’re planning your party with. Add your shopping list here along with everything you need for the bash, like putting together a fitting ghostly playlist and picking up the fog machine from the store before they are all gone. Oh, and to make sure you get things in time, make use of Assigning. That way everyone knows what they need to do and won’t forget to get it done.

Pro Tip: We all know the feeling of seeing empty shelves at the store where the candy used to be. To ensure you get everything on time, make use of Reminders and Due Dates. That way, you’ll always be ahead of the game.

###3. Keep the party going with activities
A Halloween party isn’t complete without activities! Whether it’s a costume contest or pin the face on a pumpkin, do all your planning right from within Wunderlist. Let’s say you’re going to let everyone bob for apples. Create a to-do in your Halloween party list for it and use Subtasks as your checklist for all the things you’ll need: apples, a big tub and some towels for accidental spillage.

Pro Tip: Use comments amongst your group of party planners to discuss what activities the party should have.

There’s no reason your guests won’t have a night to remember with all these tips on planning your next Halloween party! Don’t forget to follow us on on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Make sure you always have access to your lists and download Wunderlist on all your devices here.

What will your costume be this year? Let us know in the comments!

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