Say Hi To Our Newest Wunderkind
James Murdock

January 23, 2014 - Comments

We’re excited to announce that we have officially landed in Silicon Valley with our very own Wunderkind on the ground - say hi to James Murdock! Joining us from Los Altos in California, James is our new VP of Business and Corporate Development. His appointment begins a new chapter in the Wunderlist story, not only is he our first teammate to be based in the Valley but, he will be delivering you Wunderlist in places you never expected...

Over the past decade, James has played an important role in bringing great technologies to millions of people. While at Google, he championed several major commercial deals for many of the company's core products and emerging business units, including closing the first two Chrome OS distribution deals with Samsung and Acer.

At Mozilla, James set the commercial framework for Firefox OS. He also led the negotiations for mobile development and distribution deals with Telefonica and Deutsche Telekom. And, most recently, he was leading business development and strategy efforts for Mozilla’s WebRTC initiatives.

Now as a Wunderkind, James will be responsible for driving the growth of Wunderlist through key global partnerships across numerous industries. We are talking mobile, personal computing and a whole lot more. In fact, he already has some pretty exciting partnerships cooking, so expect to hear more in the coming months!

With a busy schedule and constant travel, how does James stay on top of his to-dos? Having integrated Wunderlist into his workflow, his top tip is to save to-dos into Wunderlist as soon as you think of them. This ensures that you never miss an important task, and always have an overview of key action points, no matter which device you're working on. Being productive through the work day allows him time to indulge in his love for playing soccer and coaching his daughter's futsal team.

Our 2014 has started with a bang. Wunderlist was named App of the Year. Then Forbes listed our Founder and CEO Christian Reber in their “30 under 30”. And today we officially announce our arrival in Silicon Valley with the appointment of James. Yet, this is just the beginning! We’ve got a lot more in the works, including the brand new Wunderlist 3, that will be coming your way soon. So, to stay up to date with all things Wunderlist follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ or sign up to our newsletter below.

Welcome to the family, James!

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