Spring Clean Your Wunderlist
Top tips for tidying your to-dos

March 19, 2015 - Comments

It’s official, spring has sprung. The sun is starting to peek through the clouds and everything is slowly beginning to look green again. Everyone’s heard of spring cleaning your home but perhaps now is the time to also have a long hard look at your lists and give them a little spring clean too. Here are a few of our top tips. We’d love to hear yours.

Tip #1 - Clean up with Folders

If your Home View is still a mass of work and personal lists intermingling with each other then it’s time to get to grips with our latest update—Folders. Separate all your lists into easy to manage folders so that you can focus on the stuff that matters. Now that your sidebar looks beautifully clean it’s time to move on to the lists.

Tip #2 - Reset your Due Dates

Got a few overdue to-dos? Take another look at them. If you are still working on your to-do then reset your due date to give yourself a reasonable timeframe for completion. Already completed it? Then tick that box for that sweet, sweet ‘ding’ sound.

Tip #3 - Use Tags to help you prioritize

Overwhelmed by how many to-dos you have? Break them down by time with tags. If you think something will only take 15 minutes then add #15 to the to-do. Then when you have a spare 15 minutes between meetings you can search by the tag and get to work.
You can also use tags to prioritise your list, add #P1, #P2 or #P3 to the beginning of your to-do, sort it alphabetically and, hey presto, your list is prioritized.

Tip #4 - Hit that delete button

Have you had to-dos sitting around for months that you just haven’t got around to doing? Now is the time to be brutal. Have a look through your list and decide whether you still want it there. No? Delete it. You can always add it back in later.

Tip #5 - Archive your old lists

Have you got whole lists that you don’t look at that often but you don’t want to delete yet?
Create an Archive Folder and move your old lists here, hidden away from sight but always there if you need them.

Tip #6 - Share the load

Don’t forget that you can share your list with others so if you want to share the load on a project at work or if you just don’t want to do those pesky chores on your Home list then start assigning them to your colleagues, your other half, kids or siblings, heck, get your neighbours involved too.

So you’ve cleaned out your old to-dos, polished up your existing ones, tidied away your lists and assigned to-dos to all your colleagues and loved ones. By now your Wunderlist should be looking wunderfully clean and tidy. Want to get cracking on your e-mails too? Give our Mail to Wunderlist a try to help you sort all your important e-mails into your to-do list.

If this has inspired you to give your lists a spring clean, you can add all of these tips to your Wunderlist by clicking here so you can check them off as you go along. We wish you the best of luck. Right, now where did we put that duster?

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