Steve Jobs Joins Our Market.
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June 7, 2011 - Comments

Yesterday was an eye opening day for all of us. While watching the live stream of Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference, we quickly discovered that Apple has now joined the market of productivity by integrating a task manager into iOS 5.

As mentioned on Mashable, a lot of people believe that Apple just killed an armada of startups, i.e. Dropbox, Instapaper, Instagram, Camera Plus, Sparrow, What’s App, Spotify,, and even Wunderlist. We couldn’t disagree more. Sure, some people are angry, but Apple hasn’t killed anything, they’ve just joined in on the fun.

Diversification is a good thing

Diversification is always good for any business. Different task management solutions are available on the market and people should pick a task manager that best fits their needs.

Apple introduced a new task managing app ‘Reminders’ for the single individual who wants to organize their daily tasks. We see ‘Reminders’ as something that attracts more individuals to the world of productivity and we are pleased to know people will have more options to become productive in their daily life.

However, please bear in mind that Wunderlist’s focus is a little different:

  • We offer individual design providing a unique and personalized user experience
  • We offer a cross platform option where you can easily synchronize your lists & tasks between Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and the Web
  • We offer multiple robust sharing options allowing you to collaborate the way you want

These options are available today. We know they are reliable and most importantly our users love them. Within the coming months we plan to announce more features and improvements for Wunderlist and thanks for your feedback so far.

For us, the next big step is Wunderkit. A product that will enhance the productivity experience and offer a unique position within the market.

In the end, we still love Apple and thank them for approving our Wunderlist desktop app for the Mac App Store. It’s time to move forward and get productive.

Update: And today, we love Apple even more for promoting us worldwide in the Mac App Store. Thank you guys, thanks a million!

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