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February 20, 2014 - Comments

You’ve shared more than a thousand #StudyWithWunderlist tweets — a wealth of handy study tips for everyone to use. No matter if you’re in the middle of a semester, getting back to school or just looking for general productivity tips, finding a gem of wisdom is now just one click away. So without much further ado, let’s share the top 14 tips and announce our competition winners.

Did you know that if you commute 30min a day, it adds up to six full days a year. Amy’s got a great tip to help you get the most out of that time.

While productivity and coffee often go hand in hand, adding beer to that equation raised a few eyebrows around the office. This tip from Ajay though, used in moderation of course, should help those of you out there looking for a jolt of creative inspiration.

Nora has a great tip to about getting started with writing your next paper. Taking the first step is always the hardest.

When hitting the books, Sue says that keeping your brain supplied with the right nutrition will help you study better and longer.

Often less is more. Samuel likes to use a single school list, and use tags for each class.

Another method to keep your study organized, is to use multiple shared lists like Vipul does.

Setting aside for distraction-free focus time like Maruan does to help him optimize his study time.

Dreaming big and thinking small keeps Alex on track.

If you own multiple devices and are hopping between classes, take a leaf out of Dabo’s book and check his blog post of tips.

Educator Cindy gets her students use Wunderlist to help them manage their school projects.

Studying often means doing a lot of research and reading, Shabaz has a great way to share what you come across with your classmates.

If you’re preparing for a test or exam, Ryan’s got a great method to revise with your friends.

Sometimes the topics we study are more complex than we think, Benjamin takes Ryan’s tip one step further.

Studying to music’s a great way to stay motivated, just remember to mix it up like Adam does.

Thank you to everyone that entered, and congratulations to our 14 winners. We’ve sent you a Direct Message, so be on the lookout for 1 year of Wunderlist Pro, your very own Wunderlist T-shirt and some extra goodies.

Just because the competition is over doesn’t mean you have to stop sharing your tips. You can keep on helping students (and teachers) around the world by tweeting your study tips with #StudyWithWunderlist. Oh, and be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and sign up to our Newsletter to make sure you don’t miss out on the latest Wunderlist news, tips and more competitions.

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