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July 28, 2015 - Comments

Drifting off at your desk dreaming of white sand beaches, palm trees swaying and bright blue sea? With a quick read of our top tips for traveling we’ll get you lying on the beach with a cocktail in hand in no time!

Planning 101

These days most of our holiday planning happens on the internet - comparing flights, checking out reviews and even getting recommendations from friends on social media. Get the Add to Wunderlist extension on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Safari and Chrome to help you out.

As you scour the internet on your phone or desktop you’ll find a lot of articles you want to save for reference or to share with your traveling partner. Found the perfect restaurant? With a quick click on Add to Wunderlist you’ll be able to save it to your list to look at later.

Share the load

Heading off to the sun with a large group of pals? You can plan your holiday in harmony by creating a shared list and sharing it with all your travel buddies. With all your research done you can then use Comments to discuss each to-do between you and assign certain ones to your friends. Want someone else to bring all the heavy stuff? Just assign it to them. ;)

Duplicate your packing list

Always forgetting your sunglasses or your phone charger? Perhaps you should make a packing list. With our brand new feature you can now create a Packing List template and then copy it each time you have a holiday coming up so that you don’t have to start afresh each time. Head to Wunderlist for Web, Windows 7 and Chrome then duplicate your list by clicking on the Action Bar > More > Duplicate List. *New* We've also just brought Duplicate Lists to Android in our brand new update.

Work, work, work

There’s a lot to do before you head off on your holidays. Write a quick list of all the preparations you need to do at work such as setting your out-of-office or handing over projects to people. Get it all planned out with Due Dates and Reminders so that nothing catches you by surprise in your last hour at work - that’s no way to start your holiday! Why not have a similar list for home? Need someone to water the plants or to check your mail? Get it all written down so that you can relax knowing that everything is looked after.

It's holiday time!

The flights were booked, the suitcase packed and you caught your flights. Well done. Let the holiday begin! All that hard research has paid off and you now have a list chock full of things to do, but where do you start? If you want to create a rock solid itinerary then you can use tags such as #Day1 or #Day2. Otherwise try using broader tags such as #lunch and #night so that you can quickly find the right option.

In need of some travel inspiration? Check out our Wanderlust board over on Pinterest. Share your favourite travel planning tips in the comments below or over on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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