Tell us how you use Wunderlist
and win a signed iPad 2

June 20, 2011 - Comments

Hallo Friends! We’re super excited to announce our new “Your Wunderlist Story” competition. We’re looking for the best, most creative use of Wunderlist out there.

One lucky Wunderlist user will have an awesome chance to win an iPad 2 with a Smart Cover signed by the entire 6Wunderkinder team! You can even choose the model and the color for your Smart Cover.

Word on the street:

  • Mari Ikemura and friends use Wunderlist to organize their bangin J-Pop festival in Tokyo.
  • Martin Schneider uses Wunderlist to outline his Berlin based startup’s monthly tasks and goals.
  • Kimberly Thomas from Minnesota uses Wunderlist to coordinate her children’s schedules and syncs a weekly grocery list with her hubby.

Why have a competition?

Our development team is often hard at work and focused. But every now and then our two community managers Matt and Eric distract them with shouts of jubilation. Why you ask? Well, you guys have been busy sending them creative snapshots and stories on how you use Wunderlist. We want to hear more stories and a competition will ensure greater participation and rewards for the most creative individual or company. We win by finding out more about you guys, and how much you love Wunderlist.

Meet the two gentlemen that reply to your tweets, FB posts and inquiries (roughly 300 a day). Thanks for your hard work guys!

Next to the coffee machine sits my iPad and 6Wunderkinder’s ‘Wunderlist’.

“You’re looking at my morning routine: drinking coffee and planning the day ahead. Wunderlist is an awesome App which is available for almost every platform and, moreover, it’s free. The app belongs to a group of GTD Apps – Getting things done. I start everyday with this motto. Let’s go!”

Think your Wunderlist use is super cool?

Then send us the following:

  • Send us a creative story letting us know how you or your company uses Wunderlist and why it makes you more productive in your daily life (i.e. video, pictures, your blog post).
  • Your first name, last name, country, and age.

Please send your tale to The most creative stories will be featured on our website, our newsletter and on all of our social media channels, and the best one will win the iPad 2. The competition opens today and closes on July 20th, 2011. 6Wunderkinder will serve as the judging panel and the winner will be notified 10 days after the registration has closed. Best of luck!


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