Thank You Droids!
A Million Times

March 26, 2013 - Comments

It’s time to break out the bubbly, because Wunderlist for Android has passed a massive 1 million downloads! We’ve been rocking our happy dance in celebration and want to send out a very big Dankeschön to all of you who’ve downloaded the app. We couldn’t have reached 1 million without you!

Getting to this milestone truly warms our hearts and sends us on a trip down memory lane. Wunderlist for Android was our first ever natively built app starting back in the early Wunderlist 1 days. Since then, it’s now evolved to become what we believe is one of the most beautiful apps available on Google Play, all the while giving you the same Wunderlist experience that you love on all of your other devices.

When we were thinking of ways to celebrate our little green-robot’s 1 million downloads milestone, we couldn’t think of anything better than sharing the love and giving back to the wider Android community. As of today, we’re officially open sourcing the code behind the silky smooth transition you see when the Detail View slides in and out. Want to see how it works? It’s as easy as downloading this small demo app from Google Play to your phone or tablet or watching this short little video we also made for you:

Here’s a little background story from our Android team on why we built SlidingLayer:

When we started developing Wunderlist 2, our product design team came to us with this beautiful layer concept for Wunderlist’s Detail View. Since we strive to create a consistent Wunderlist experience for our users across all platforms, it was very important for us to have the Detail View behave the same way on Android than it does on iOS and the Web.

First, we tried to use existing open source code, but they just didn’t offer the behaviours and quality that we and the design team needed. So, equipped with a big pot of coffee and a few long nights, we worked on what is now SlidingLayer. After the launch of Wunderlist 2 we received a lot of email from Android developers that were interested in the techniques we used for the Detail View element. Today, we are super happy to be opening it up to the Android Community. We hope to see more and more developers getting inspired to use the component in their apps.

If you’d like to build this into your own Android app, we’ve also added some helpful extra options that you don’t see in Wunderlist’s Detail View:

  • Add a drop shadow
  • Slide from the left
  • Slide from the middle, to the left and right
  • Single tap to close

To get a hold of the complete technical documentation and Wundercode for our SlidingLayer, just head over to our Github repository.

With Wunderlist downloads now passing 8.5 million overall, we want say thanks again for your awesome support, and here’s to the next million — Prost!

PS. We have more updates coming your way, very soon, so don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ for the latest!

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