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A Childhood’s Dream Comes True

November 8, 2010 - Comments

Building a web start-up with your school friends is probably something a lot of teenagers dream of these days. We were lucky enough to make our dream come true – and even got paid for it by two business angels. Here’s our story:

The image of a bunch of friends, sitting in their parents’ garage, planning the “next big thing” is pretty old-school – but that’s exactly how we started back in our early days. We gathered in the garage of Christian’s parents, and being young, naïve, and idealistic, we tried to image our bright future: developing cool, next-generation software products that people would be crazy about. We had a long way to go but we were determined to turn our dream into reality.

Nerdies at Heart

The first thing we realized was that we shouldn’t waste our time and effort trying to do something we don’t absolutely love. Some of us needed a little longer to come to this conclusion but in the end every one of us found our passion. We’re nerds at heart – proud nerds at that – and we want to do geeky stuff for the rest of our lives. We believe that loving the things you do, and trying to improve your skills everyday, automatically makes you a nerd somehow. Being a nerd is cool – embrace it. So there is nothing wrong about guys ;-)

Hire Your Friends and Work With Your Girlfriend

Working with our friends has become a critical factor in our careers here at 6Wunderkinder. We build this web and design agency together – if you work with your real friends, and overcome the difficulties that naturally come with it, in the end you will be able to create an incredible team that is both reliable and fun to work with. And as our business grew, we found new friends and team members along the way – people who shared the same spirit as us, and the same views on high quality codes, sexy user interface designs, and childish jokes (always important!)

Work to Learn Not to Earn

The work we did with all our clients, and on different projects, primarily served as a catalyst for gaining experience. In other words, we tried working to learn, not to earn – at least not only to earn. We had a dream of launching our own product and changing the way people think about modern software products – but we had to make our mistakes first.

As time went by the idea of how our own software would like began to emerge. We also had a lot of friendly agencies and customers who were thinking in the same direction as us. That gave us the courage to finally try it on our own.

How We Got VC Money via Social Media

We sat down and wrote the business plan that we had had in mind for months, shaping the idea of a business platform, as we would like to use it. When we were ready it literally took us about three days to get two business angels to invest their private money in our (amazing) idea. Christian simply dropped the line “who wants to invest in the next-gen business tool?” on Xing (Germany’s version of LinkedIn) and within half an hour he received the phone call of his life. Not only did the business angels love our idea, they had been dreaming up an almost identical idea for years – so it was the perfect match!

Love your family, work super hard, live your passion.

  • Gary Vaynerchuk (Crush It!: Why Now Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion)

What’s Next?

We finally made our dream come true! Equipped with a groundbreaking idea, the right team, and enough money to make it happen, we are currently developing Wunderkit – a next generation business platform that will change the way you think about corporate web apps forever. Well, at least that’s what we think will happen ;-)

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Interested in our work? Check out our first little product Wunderlist.

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