The new Quick Add Widget
for Android

October 28, 2014 - Comments

Ideas – We don’t always know when they’ll strike, but we all know the feeling of when we forget to write them down. Now with the arrival of a new Wunderlist Android Widget, you’ll be able to instantly capture all your ideas and to-dos with just one tap.

Capture your ideas, thoughts and quick reminders

To get started, we’ll have to get the new Wunderlist Widget on your homescreen. Just long-tap to access your widgets menu, then swipe across to Wunderlist – Add an item. Depending on how you like your screen to look, you can then choose between a space-saving 1x1 or the gorgeous 1x4 Widget.

Now that you’re all set up, it’s time to say goodbye to sending yourself email reminders. Instead, just tap on the widget when an idea strikes. Like magic, a mini Wunderlist window pops up where you can instantly add a to-do to your Inbox. But what if you need to add more detail? We thought of that too! Just tap on the arrow to choose a specific destination list, due date and reminder.

What we think you’ll love the most though, is that all this happens without you ever leaving your home screen. Think of it as your fast lane pass that boosts your productivity. Oh and in case you’re also in need of seeing what’s on your agenda, be sure to add our List View Widget too. To make sure you don’t miss out on the latest Wunderlist updates, be sure to sign up to our newsletter and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Google+.

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