The Productivity Pack is Back

April 5, 2016 - Comments

Have you been cleaning out your cupboards, chucking away those old clothes and vacuuming in long-forgotten corners? You’re not the only one who’s taking on the mammoth task of spring-cleaning your house. Spring isn’t just the time to get your house in order though, it’s also the perfect time to give your own goals a little dust off. How, you ask? Introducing the Productivity Pack. If you’re not yet familiar with the Productivity Pack then read on. Already know what it is and can’t wait to get your hands on it? Just hit that button then.

What is the Productivity Pack?

For the second year running we’ve teamed up with some of your favorite apps, took all of our premium features and bundled them together to help boost your productivity. For just $69.99 you can get over $490 worth of premium apps for a year, including Wunderlist Pro, Pocket Premium, LastPass Premium, and a whole bunch more...

Wunderlist Pro

Made to help you achieve even more, Wunderlist Pro’s unlimited Assigning, Files and Subtasks means there’s no stopping you from quickly delegating, reviewing documents or reports, and breaking down projects into more manageable steps

Pocket Premium

Pocket lets you save articles, videos, and web pages to view anytime, anywhere. Pocket Premium takes your productivity to the next level with powerful features designed to let you do more with the content you save.

LastPass Premium

Remember your passwords, login to websites without typing, and organize your online life with LastPass. With LastPass Premium, you can sync to all your computers and mobile devices, easily share logins, and access additional security features.


Use Quip to create, document, discuss and organize the stuff that your team works on.

Uber Conference

UberConference fixes all the broken aspects of traditional conference calling, giving you a simple and pain-free way to run conferences without the hassle of PIN codes.


Do helps you run productive meetings. With a Do subscription, you can set and share agendas, take collaborative meeting notes, mark follow-ups and outcomes, share files, and more.

Bonus: The New York Times

Get 12 weeks of unlimited, All Digital Access to The New York Times. This includes access to, NYTimes smartphone and tablet apps, and The Times Archive.

Sounds pretty good, right? The offer is only available for a limited time only. With all these apps, we’re certain your productivity will go through the roof. You can find out more details and purchase the Productivity Pack by clicking the button below.

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