The Wunderkit beta goes public
Welcome one and all

February 1, 2012 - Comments

What’s better than a Wunderkit beta? A Wunderkit beta open to the public! We’re super excited to open our doors to the entire world, and if you haven’t grabbed your slice of Wunderkit goodness yet, now’s the time!

We started our closed beta at the beginning of January – letting a few people in here, a few people in there. The number grew and grew. At times our servers were sweating more than a 400lb runner, in a rubber suit, on a treadmill, in a sauna. Our task lists got bigger, our working hours got longer, and Eric’s following count exceeded the population of Vatican City.

But these things made our closed beta so, so special. We could see that all this activity meant Wunderkit was genuinely helping people organize their personal and professional projects. After a few weeks of feedback, changes and improvements, we’re happy to announce that Wunderkit’s finally ready for all of you and ripe for any ideas you’d like to get going.

So, for those that missed the memo, what is Wunderkit? It’s a place that helps you organize and accomplish all of life’s projects, however big or small they are, with the help of your friends, family and colleagues. We’re a generation of doers and makers, and Wunderkit is ready for you to build the next big thing with the help of other people. Want more info? No problem. Check out our brand new Wunderkit website. It’s seriously beautiful and super informative!

We’ve already seen people organizing their illustrations, their music and their families. With Wunderkit giving you only the features you really need, and an intuitive and gorgeous UI to boot, we’re seeing more normal, everyday people picking up the Wunderkit experience and organizing what matters most to them. In our opinion, it’s the way ‘productivity’ should be.

In addition to our Webapp, today marks the introduction of our iPhone app and our beta Mac app (Lion/Snow Leopard). You’ll find the same Wunderkit experience on both devices – so you won’t have to learn anything new. We’ll automatically update your projects, tasks and notes in the background, so you can pick up where you left off whenever you switch from laptop to mobile or vice versa. In true 6Wunderkinder fashion, this isn’t the end. Expect more devices and OSes supported in the future.

Before you dive in, a word of caution. This is still a beta! That means things may hiccup every now and then. No need to worry though. Every member of the 6Wunderkinder team has a piece of their heart deep inside Wunderkit, and we’ll do anything to keep the whole thing beating along beautifully. Improvements are always on-going, but if you spot any bugs please send an email to: For feature requests, you can stop by

We hope you enjoy what we’ve been working so hard on and that your projects are kickstarted in the best way possible. We’d love it if you could drop us a line telling us how you use Wunderkit. Be as long or short as you’d like. Simply send your tale to: You never know, your story could appear in a future blogpost! Lots of love, the 6Wunderkinder team.

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