Think you're a power user?
With Wunderlist, you are

September 12, 2011 - Comments

Power user, Noun: any person who knows enough about a computer or other device to take full advantage of its advanced features. Sound like you? Maybe. But what about those of you who haven’t even heard of the word ‘power user’? Fear not. With Wunderlist 1.2.4, all of you are power users. We’re making your workflow even easier with today’s incredible update.

Our feature roadmap is huge. I mean, this thing is a scroll. Other companies take these feature requests and cram them in, nearly always adding complexity. We look at each feature and try and find ways of making it easy to use. It’s as simple as that. We want to save you time, we want you to be more productive, we want you to live life. Why fight the tools that are meant to make your existence easier? This desktop update is a very powerful one, but you don’t have to learn anything too radical. We promise.

So, what’s new?

Grab your popcorn, here’s a very quick introduction to some of the key features in this update. For any of you budding film makers out there looking for an Austin Powers impersonator, my voice is available for rent.

Cool right? Who wants to move a cursor to a clock icon when you could add the date as you type the task?! You’d save enough time over a month to get a gajillion other tasks done. To take a look at the date input syntax, head over to our Wunderlist blog. You can use any of the examples there to add a due date, long or short. While you’re there, you can always pick up a copy of our sexy Tumblr theme. It’s at an introductory price just for this week! Anyway, here’s a quick snap of what your task input should look like while adding a date. Give it a go!

You’ll also find plenty of small fixes and improvements in this release that add up to make a big impression. For all you computer Greeks that like to Finnish your tasks, Finnish and Greek translations are included, too.

Crunch time

In our infinite spirit we’ve conducted some tests – our old Wunderlist Desktop version vs. today’s new update. I did the typing and clicking, our Product Manager Eric did the timing. So, how did the new update do? We do the science so you don’t have to…

Test: ‘Buy milk today’
Old version: 5.2 seconds
New version: 2.5 seconds

Test: ‘Birthday on Nov 25′
Old version: 6.4 seconds
New version: 4.6 seconds

Test: ‘Laundry in 2 weeks’
Old version: 4.8 seconds
New version: 2.7 seconds

Test: ‘Adding ‘homework on thursday’ to the top of a list’
Old version: 8.4 seconds
New version: 3.9 seconds

Test: ‘Prioritise a task in one year’
Old version: 12.2 seconds
New version: 2.9 seconds

If, for some strange reason, you happened to type these exact tasks in one day with our new build, you’d save 21.1 seconds overall against our older version. This stuff adds up. Let’s say you save ten minutes a day using Wunderlist. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s a call to a loved one, a coffee with a friend or a project idea started. You don’t have to cut out your daily tasks just to move onto the next fun thing, let’s cut down the time it takes to complete each. We’re really trying to make the world more productive, and the more seconds we save the more things we can get done.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Wunderlist

Our team is growing at an incredible pace, and we haven’t quite got around to updating our ‘About’ page yet. As you know we’re working full speed on Wunderkit, but there’s a man lurking in the shadows determined to pour his life and soul into Wunderlist, and Wunderlist only. He’s Adam, our dedicated Wunderlist developer. Say HI Adam!

“With this update we really wanted to give you a treat, so we implemented efficient ways of adding tasks and improving your workflow. It has increased our team’s productivity, and I am sure you will feel the difference too. I’m very excited to have such a great product at my fingertips, and there’s more excitement to come!

  • Adam Renklint, the Wunderlist genius

If you look closely you’ll see Marcel, our QA and Support guy, trying out his new camouflage. These guys, collectively, bring you the very best of Wunderlist. They’re always finding the perfect balance between feature set and simplicity, and we think they’ve created the right mixture for today. So, get busy and download the update right now. As always, you can download the Windows and Mac version from our website, or simply update your Mac copy via the Mac App Store.

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