Turn your Resolutions into Real Habits
With Wunderlist

February 9, 2016 - Comments

Remember that moment on December 31st as the clock struck midnight and the fireworks exploded outside, and you said to yourself, “This year I’m really going to stick to my resolutions”? Well over a month has passed and if you need a little helping hand to put your resolutions back in motion, then read on for some motivational tips.

1. Make a Grocery List and stick to it

Every year we vow to eat healthily in January, but by February temptation comes a-knocking. The easiest way to keep to this resolution is to create a Grocery List and stick to it. Plan ahead what you’d like to cook during the week and list the ingredients you’ll need. The rest is simple: if it’s not on the list, it doesn’t go into the shopping cart. This also helps you to check off that other resolution—saving money!

2. Add your favorite recipes so that they’re always on hand

If you don’t like to plan your meals too far ahead, try this instead—take some time to dig out all of your favorite healthy recipes and create a to-do for each one. Add the ingredients as Subtasks and upload the recipe as a file or add it to your Notes. Then when you’re wandering aimlessly in the grocery store you can just open up your Recipes list, pick one that sounds good and get to work!

3. Make a workout template

If this is the year that you’re going to do more exercise, then create a Workout Plan list in your Wunderlist with all the different exercises (and how many reps) you’d like to do. Each time you want to work out just duplicate the list and start pumping iron. When the list is empty, the workout is done. Now go treat yourself after all that hard work.

4. Start small and do it everyday

If you’re starting your exercise regime from zero then all this talk of reps might seem a little daunting. Be it exercise, learning a new language or learning how to knit—the key to starting a new habit (and keeping it) is to start small and do it often. You can create a recurring reminder to do something specific every day, or create a Focus List where you can plan at least 10 minutes a day to focus on your new hobby—reading a book in a different language, testing your grammar, meditating or going for a run. Take a look at your Focus List each day and decide what you will do for 10 minutes that day to get closer to your goal.

5. Plan your year of holidays now

Dreaming of sunny beaches and crystal-blue water? Us too. Let’s make that a reality! Create a Folder with 3 different lists—Planning, Places to go, and Packing. Now decide where you want to go and start planning, researching and, of course, packing. Break your plans down into bite-sized to-dos, and set clear due dates so that planning your holiday doesn’t feel like a chore.

6. Reduce stress and focus more

Sometimes work and study can start to get on top of us. We can’t promise to make you less stressed but we can try. Empty your mind of all the to-dos that are spinning around in your head. Put them all into Wunderlist. You might have a lot of things in your Wunderlist now—crunch them down to bite-size to-dos and set clear due dates. Now use the Focus List or the Today Smartlist—each day you should set yourself three manageable goals of what you will work on that day.

If you follow all these steps then come summer you’ll be fit and healthy, more relaxed and about to get even more relaxed as you head off on the holiday of your dreams where, of course, you’ll now be able to talk to the locals fluently. Sounds pretty good, right?! What are you waiting for?

If your resolution wasn’t in this list then we’d love to hear from you on Twitter or Facebook or in the comments below and we can help you to come up with a Wunderlist solution for your resolution.

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