New members join the family:
Assistly and Wunderlist for Linux

September 20, 2011 - Comments

Boom! We’ve got two big nuggets of news for all of you today. Number 1: Support. Support is incredibly important, and knowledge is power. The customer service fairy has been sent down from the heavens and delivered you a brand new Wunderlist support page. Christmas has come early, we know! Number 2: Penguin. Penguin? That’s right, Wunderlist for Linux is here. We know you Linux guys have been after it for some time, and Tux is now gracing the Wunderlist stage.

These releases focus on two of our most important missions. We want to provide you with the best support and user experience. We also want to allow you to use Wunderlist on more and more devices and operating systems as time goes by. For those devices and operating systems that we already support, we’re dedicated to constantly improving them. It’s a big day for you, and it’s a big day for us. Let’s get our glasses out and say cheers, here’s to the new members of the family!

Support, support! Read all about it!

Brace yourself for the following statement: receiving support should be fun. That’s simply the way we view it here at 6Wunderkinder. When I have a problem with my software, I don’t want to look at a grey screen and scroll endlessly down to find an answer. Nor do I want to be baffled by how many gigglywatts my computer needs to run something, or how my ultra matrix port is too old. I know, I know, I made those things up. But on a serious note, I want a support system easy on the eye, with clear plain English, made by people with the same values. Well… that’s us!

We know software can be confusing, but we don’t think it should be rocket science. Wunderlist is a simple task manager, and our new Assistly support page is just as simple. Take a look at it. Gorgeous, right? We’ve summoned the power of the Wunderlist gods and contained their knowledge in one delicious looking place. Our knowledge base content has also been updated, so you’ve got even more detailed information on how to use Wunderlist in an even clearer way. We’re pushing to give you more support via video, and you’ll find our tutorial flicks dotted around Assistly – made by yours truly. So, what does Assistly mean for you exactly? Well, let’s look at some numbers.

We get around 160 support tickets a day. Divide them up using the pie charts above, and you’ll realise that we receive a lot of questions about a lot of different stuff. The faster we grow, the harder it is to keep track of all of them. Assistly helps us with this. It populates all of your queries and feedback in one place, separates the questions based on where they’ve come from (direct email, Twitter etc.) and allows our support team to focus on individual cases with laser accuracy. Assistly in a nut shell? You’ll receive faster support. Assistly also allows you, the community, to actively engage with each other and lend a helping hand. So if we don’t get to you first, another Wunderlist user will. It sounds like a quote from a mafia film, but it’s all positive.

Houston, the penguin has landed!

Following on from our support related talk, Wunderlist for Linux has long been requested. It took us a while to get it just right, but you can now enjoy all the features of the Mac and Windows version right on your Linux distro. So, why support Linux? For a couple of reasons. As mentioned in the intro, we want Wunderlist to be available on every device and OS, and we’re making that happen day by day. We also listen to our community, and that’s important for any company. Not just through emails or tickets either, we actively scour the internet looking for pockets of Wunderlist news, and you Linux people have been busy. Many of you have successfully got Wunderlist running on Linux via wine, and we were awestruck at the level of engagement and effort you went through. The demand was there, so we went ahead and built for Linux officially.

“I have been a long-time Linux user and when I first came across Wunderlist, I instantly wanted it on my desktop. I installed the Windows version using Wine, and later started using WebRunner to have the webapp available on the desktop. I knew 6Wunderkinder was working on a native Linux version, and now that they are releasing the official version, there won’t be any need to use a workaround to have the best task manager on my Linux desktop.

  • Josh Fox, Digitalhead Daily

We took a look at the existing task managements apps available for Linux, and they’re good. We, however, wanted to improve on them. Take a look at the current options, and then the following Wunderlist for Linux screenshot. Click the picture for a bigger view!

With every platform, we really focus on design. We think Wunderlist is the sleekest task manager available for Linux, hands down. It also brings its incredible simplicity to the OS, so even if you’re a veteran Linux user (I’m looking at you here, Mr. Pirillo) or a new adopter, you can start organising yourself right from the beginning – with no time spent learning. Wunderlist for Linux comes packaged as a .tgz file. Simply extract, and double click the executable – it will be up and running in no time. Wunderlist for Linux is available right from our website. Go forth and have fun, and make sure you leave a comment here!

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