Wunderland startup event brings Appcelerator to Berlin

March 28, 2011 - Comments

Come to Berlin this Thursday. Meet us at the Wunderland startup event and hear Jeff Haynie, CEO and Co-Founder of Silicon Valley-based Appcelerator, who speaks about his cross-platform development framework Titanium. You will also hear two talks from Christian and Robert from 6Wunderkinder.

With Wunderland we want to bring insights to your business directly from the inspirational entrepreneurs, marketeers, developers and designers that are shaping today’s digital world. We will invite some of the most respected startups on the planet to share their knowledge and experience with you, with each Wunderland event taking place in another surprising location around Berlin.

The first event

Our first Wunderland evening is about “How to give your mobile startup a multi-platform boost”. Bringing services to every major mobile platform is no longer an option for mobile startups; it’s a necessity. We will show you the benefits of a cross-platform strategy and give you a chance to meet and discuss with other developers – all while having a beer.

Talk 1: Using the native advantage for your mobile business

At 7:30 pm, Jeff Haynie speaks about Appcelerator, his platform and services company that is enabling web developers to build native apps for mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms.

Talk 2: Wunderlist – how to speed-code a success story

Christian Reber, CEO and Founder of 6Wunderkinder, tells the story of Wunderlist at 08:15 pm. Only four months in the making, our task management app has been downloaded over 1.5 million times on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android. This is the story behind the ongoing phenomenon.

Talk 3: Why design is more important than any line of code

Robert Kock, Head of Marketing and Co-Founder of 6Wunderkinder, speaks at 09:00 pm. Is your app exactly what the world needs, but the world just isn’t listening? Well, maybe it simply isn’t pretty enough. Let’s discuss the power and magic of well-designed products.

The location

The event takes place in an old control room in Berlin, called Schaltwarte Marienburg. The address is Marienburger Strasse 16, 10405 Berlin. Wunderland starts this Thursday, March 31, at 07:00 pm. The entry is free and you get a free drink.

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