Wunderlist 2
Let the Countdown Begin

December 6, 2012 - Comments

You’ve all heard the rumors, and maybe you’ve even seen some tweets popping up in your timeline. Now it’s time to get the official lowdown. It’s true, Wunderlist 2 will arrive on iPhone, Mac, Web, Android and Windows just in time for Christmas.

Ok, so you now are probably looking at your advent calendars and realizing that Christmas is less than 19 days away. True! Now you are probably asking, “that must mean that Wunderlist 2 is launching soon?” Yes, very soon! We have submitted the iPhone and Mac apps to Apple and are now excitedly awaiting their approval.

You have all been so patient with us, that we wanted to say a massive THANKS and fill you in on some of the details. So, in true 6Wunderkinder style we have created a video for you. Pull up a seat, switch off your phone, dim the lights and hit play!

Supercharging your Wunderlist experience

Wunderlist 2 has been reengineered, rebuilt and redesigned from start to finish. So what are we talking about exactly? Without spoiling the surprise completely, today we are going start at the beginning and share a little bit of the magic that will make Wunderlist 2 our best product yet.

Originally built in Titanium, Wunderlist 2 has now been rebuilt into all new native apps individually handcrafted for all major devices - starting with iPhone, Mac, Web, Android and Windows PC. This one giant leap to native apps guarantees you will experience lightning fast and seriously stable performance. Rock solid! No matter what or how many different devices you are using throughout the day.

Most importantly this shift in technology signals our ongoing commitment to you, because hey, we love our users. Wunderlist 2 will allow our team to roll out updates and new features on a regular basis (YAY!). We won’t be stopping at the Wunderlist 2 feature set. We will be scheduling updates and new features for release on a faster and more regular basis. So buckle up!

Wunderlist 2 will also be supported by a brand-new supercharged server architecture. Complete with a high performance Cloud Sync, improved scalability and the ability to access your Wunderlist 1 data as soon as you download and login to Wunderlist 2. You should hear this engine purr.

Yet, this is just the beginning. The Wunderlist 2 experience is then finished off with a complete redesign to include a host of new features, an even simpler and more intuitive UI as well as all new stunning graphics that look even better on retina displays. Seriously it is so beautiful in its details it will take your breath away. But for now that is all we can say.

The final countdown

Ok, we know we’ve been saying ‘stay tuned’ and ‘coming soon’ for a while now, sorry! However, we really wanted to deliver you our best product yet. We are perfectionists and, well perfection takes time! We know that Wunderlist matters to you, as much as it does to us and that you’ve waited for a long time. So we’ve put all our effort, energy and love into it, to make it the best product we’ve ever built. For us it is the most beautiful and collaborative Wunderlist ever.

So there you have it. The final countdown starts now, we even have the advent calendar to prove it. So if you haven’t already, sign up here or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be one of the first notified when Wunderlist 2 hits this Holiday season.

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